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"The Trade Mark of Quality Story"

This is the beginning compilation of work dedicated to archiving the many LP & EP titles and their variations that make up this truely original and innovative record label catalog. Many scans will follow to preserve the history of this original Rock 'n' Roll bootleg record label. Trade Mark of Quality (TMoQ) LP's are typically some of the most sought after titles amongst collectors of Rolling Stones vinyl. I can't speak for all, but I feel this can best be attributed to the fact that this label was the first mass producer of Rock 'n' Roll underground recordings. In it's pioneering spirit the music and titles had there own distinct personalities (OK maybe I'm carrying this too far). The earliest recordings were issued with rubber stamped covers and eventually moved to rubber stamped covers with paper insert pictures or drawings. The cover artist was William Stout who put his name on the record covers and still frequents Southern California record shows. The rubber stamped covers also had logo stickers, and these stickers came in different colors like silver, orange and gold. Some collectors find the gold stickered versions most desirable! The other distinguishing feature of the early TMoQ's is the fact that many of the releases were pressed on virgin colored vinyl that came in many primary colors which also include some very rare multicolor and marble variants. Later editions of TMoQ LP's are minus the rubber stamped covers and are typically packaged with insert covers and black vinyl.

The drawn images on the linked TMoQ pages are posted with the express permission of the artist Mr. William G. Stout:

"The Contra Band Music Story"

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