"The Satanic Sessions Revealed" - Vol. 2: CD3

CD3 of the second volume begins with Take 1 of the infamous Gold Painted Nails. I first read about the existence of this song in Roy Carr's "The Rolling Stones an illustrated record" in 1976. The song was picked by Bill Wyman for inclusion in the ABKCO "Black Box" which was the Stones version of what would ultimately be an Allen Klein compilation of unreleased tracks released in 1975 titled "Metamorphosis". The musicians playing on Gold Painted Nails include Brian Jones on harmonica and Nicky Hopkins on keyboard.

"Satanic Sessions: Volume Two"

Box Set Midnight Beat Records

Volume Two - Disc 3 (MBCD)

Chee, choo, choo chee, chee, choo, chee, choo, choo, choo
Keith: One
Engineer: Gold Painted Nails take 1
Keith: One, two, one, two, three, four

1. Gold Painted Nails Take 1 (2:57) - Organ introduction in the left channel, following with a guitar in the center, and drums to the far right. Brian Jones comes in on harmonica at about 1 minute into the song. A distorted blues harp takes charge of the song until a guitar bridge in reached.

Keith: What was wrong?
Keith: Let's try it, take it again
Engineer: Two
Keith: One, two, one, two, three, four

2. Gold Painted Nails Take 2 (2:59) - Starts off very similar to take 1. Keyboard, acoustic guitar, keyboard again, and then the harp picks up on the keyboard melody. Hey listen to Brian bend those notes! These early takes have an extended bridge section to the song and once cleared the harp comes back in and there are sound that are not to Richards' liking,, so his shouting put the track to an end.

Keith: Hey, oh hey, shall we hear it, let's hear that
Take 3
Keith: One, two, one, two, three, four

3. Gold Painted Nails Take 3-4 (2:34) - Take 3 never even clears the organ introduction.
Keith: Charlie should be in there earlier, yeah, yeah

Keith: Nicky...

Just the keyboard introduction and into the acoustic guitar section and then take 4 is called off.

Engineer: Ooh, one more
Keith: Okay, I can't hit it all that much harder than that actually, not on that...
Guitar strumming. About three bars
Keith: Drumming - Hold it Charlie
Drum beats...
Keith: Nicky in after, two of those (drum beats/bars)

4. Gold Painted Nails Take 5-9 (8:42) - Another short take with keyboard riff and transition straight into harp playing.
Keith: No, No Nicky. Gotta be really... The B minor has got to be there. Right on.
Nicky Hopkins: Yes. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, okay
Organ opening, maybe two bars, and stopped... on a drum beat.
Keith: What? I can't, I can't hear you.
Engineer: Get Charlie to say it to you.
Keith: It's no good, I just can't hear a word.
Charlie: They can't hear, they don't know the sequence at the same time. Does Nicky?
Keith: We'll, we'll you knock me in then. What I mean, just guess it. I mean just come in when it feels good. You know, just, just let me know when your gonna come in. That's all. Not much of a decision... What the f*ck do you think I do. No, where's Brian?

This next take starts with a prominent drum beat opening in the right with keyboard coming in the left. The song is starting to groove a bit by now.

Keith: Wait!

Bass and keyboard jam a bit while the rest of the band waits for a take.

Keith: One, two, three, four

Drum beat opening but we have a heavy distorted harp on this take. There is a pause at an instrumental bridge.

Keith: No, no Nicky there. Nicky...


Keith: One, two. One, two, three, four

The take just starts, again with harp and Richards stops the track quickly

Keith: Again.
Engineer(s): Five... Nive. Go.

Keith: One, two. One, two, three
Charlie: Do it again Keith.
Keith: One, two, three, four
Engineer: Hold on. You'll have...You'll have to do a one, two, one, two, three and then leave four off 'cause otherwise...
Keith: One, two. One, two, three

A drum beat start and a Walter Horton heavy harp sound from the blues purist in the band. Brian hits a sour note and...

Keith: Whaoooo, somebody was...

All right


Keith: One, two. One, two, three

5. Gold Painted Nails Takes 10-11 (2:36) - Drum beats and Brian Jones on harp. Take ten gets to the first instrumental bridge and then some. Brian gets out of sync with one of the instrumental bridges and...

Keith: No, no. It's got to be clean there.
Keith: Two. One, two, three

Short drum beat take.

Jagger (?): Try it there.
Brian Jones: It's a very. I'm bending that one from up there. It's very difficult. I've got to, to get the note.
Keith: Just come in on the long one then. Just do the one note.
Jagger (?): Right
Keith: One, two. One, two, three

6. Gold Painted Nails Introduction Take 12 (3:11) -

7. Gold Painted Nails Introduction Takes 13-16 (3:51) -

8. Gold Painted Nails Take17 (5:00) -

9. Gold Painted Nails Takes 18-22 (2:56) -

10. Gold Painted Nails Takes 23 (2:10) -

11. 2000 Man Middle Part Takes 2-3 (1:31) -

12. 2000 Man Middle Part Takes 4-6 (1:58) -

13. 2000 Man Middle Part Takes 7-10 (2:29) -

14. 2000 Man Middle Part Takes 11-12 (2:35) -

15. 2000 Man Middle Part Take 13 (1:46) -

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