"The Satanic Sessions Revealed" - Vol. 2: CD2

CD2 of the second volume picks up where CD1 left off, with a track-by-track evolution of 2000 Man, which is the main theme of this particular CD. 2000 Man is one of the lost gems on "Their Satanic Majesties Request". It is a melodic oasis in the abyss of psychedelic dirge the pervades much of the album. It is also interesting from a recording perspective because it looks to be pieced together from three separate and premeditated sections.

"Satanic Sessions: Volume Two"

Box Set Midnight Beat Records

Volume Two - Disc 2 (MBCD 125)


1. 2000 Man Take 6 (1:46) - Keith is in the far right channel and is doing a good job of jamming on this. Not the smoothest of takes though as there are pauses in the guitar strumming and some questionable keyboard notes played.


2. 2000 Man Take 7-8 (2:53) - Take 7 is very short, only seconds long and then stopped. Take 8 makes up the majority of this CD track and is very similar to take 6 except that it is a more musically precise run through of the song. Keith manages to squeeze in some very nice lead noodles.

Set him up Frank, yes
Ahh, nine I think...
(Tuning up)

3. 2000 Man Take 9-11 (2:19) - Takes 9 & 10 don't last long. Tempo seems to be slowing as they go. They instrumentally miss the bridge and take 11 is stopped at this point.


4. 2000 Man Take 13-15 (2:13) - The takes are going fast at this stage of the session as the Stones continue to pursue the main structure of the song.

The Beginning
Take 1

5. 2000 Man Ending Part Takes 1-3 (1:32) - The ending! The interesting thing about this is that we have more evidence that songs are being "constructed" in pieces and then perhaps spliced together to form the final product. There may be a couple of reasons for this; they were having trouble getting through the takes without mistakes and wanted to keep the good pieces or they were trying a new recording technique in the studio.

Take 1

6. 2000 Man Introduction Takes 1-2 (2:17) - Prominent piano and backing guitar play the main melody of the song.
Engineer: "Keith are you going to one on your own first?"
The guitar starts the melody and plays the opening bars to the song.


7. 2000 Man Introduction Takes 3-14 (7:37) - Single guitar lead line notes play the fundamental melody of the song in the right channel with piano and drums joining in after the opening bars. Initially, there are many short takes on this CD track, take 10 is the one that goes until a sour note is played.

8. Organ Part: She Smiled Sweetly (1:44) - There are similarities, but this song is not the same as She Smiled Sweetly. It is something different, that has perhaps never seen the light of day. I don't know why it wasn't pursued more in these sessions.

Twenty Seven

9. Blues #3 Takes 27-31 (2:53) - Very short takes of a blues introduction that includes keyboard accompaniment. Take 30 finally gets into the body of the song which is slow meandering blues.

Thirty One.... short take
Thirty Two

10. Blues #3 Takes 32-39 (4:39) - The main riff is a derivative of Rock Me Baby, which the Stones also rehearsed at the 1968 Surrey Sessions.


11. Blues #3 Takes 40-44 (7:32) - Take 40 lasts for around 1:20 and seems to come to an end for no apparent reason. Take 41 is short lived. Take 42 is a longer excursion, but is ended when the lead lines on the instrumental bridge are missed. Take 44 is a complete take of the entire song.

Retake one, Blues 3

12. Blues #3 Retakes 1-2 (3:02) - Take one is a short excursion. Keith breaks loose on the second take with some very fast and fluid blues runs. One has to wonder why they are spending so much time on a blues jam when there is probably very little chance that it will end up on the commercial release they are working on. Maybe this was the basis for Andrew Oldham's infamous frustration with the band at the time.

Three, correction

13. Blues #3 Retake 3 (2:27) - The now very familiar guitar and keyboard introduction and again a transition into blues scales. They build to a crescendo at the bridge and then miss the mark as in the previous take.


14. Blues #3 Retake 4 - 5 (4:43) - They make it to the more uptempo section of the song on this track, and it takes off in pretty good fashion except the engineer at the mixing board is goofing around with the mix and totally trashes the sound. Take 4 is a complete take of the song. Take 5 is just about non-existent and the track really just ends with some noodling around.

Karaoke Time!

2000 Man (3:08)

Acoustic guitar opening: Two layered guitars beginning at (:12) ...

Well my name is a number
A piece of plastic film
And I grow tiny flowers in my little window sill

Don't you know I'm a 2000 man
And my kids they just don't understand me at all

Though my wife still respects me
I really misuse her
And I'm having an affair with a random computer

Don't you know I'm a 2000 man
And my kids they just don't understand me at all

Beat Change - Song Bridge

Oh daddy proud of your planet
Oh mommy proud of your sun

Oh daddy proud of your planet
Oh mommy proud of your sun

Oh daddy your brain still flashing
Like it did when you were young
Or do you come down crashing
Seeing all things you done
Oh it's a big put on

Oh daddy, proud of your planet
Oh mommy, proud of your sun

Oh daddy, proud of your planet
Oh mommy, proud of your sun

Short Instrumental Bridge

Oh daddy, proud of your planet
Oh mommy, proud of your sun

Oh daddy, proud of your planet
Oh mommy, proud of your sun


And you know whose a 2000 man
And your kids they just won't understand you at all

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