Ronnie Wood: Solo Artist

"I've Got My Own Album To Do"

Warner Brothers, 1974

I Can Feel The Fire 4:55/Far East Man 4:40/Mystifies Me 3:19/Take A Look At The Guy 2:34/Act Together 4:26/Am I Grooving You 3:41/Shirley 5:22/Cancel Everything 4:40/Sure The One You Need 4:13/If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody 3:35/Crotch Music 6:05

"Cancel Everything"

Thunderbolt, 1986

(Reissue of Above)

"Now Look"

Warner Brothers, 1975

I Got Lost When I Found You/Big Bayou/Breathe On Me/If You Don't Want My Love/I Can Say She's Allright/Caribbean Boogie/Now Look/Sweet Baby Mine/I Can't Stand The Rain/It's Unholy/I Got A Feeling

"Sure The One You Need"

Perfect Beat Records, Germany

2LP's on Clear & Smoke Colored Vinyl!

Licensed reissue of "I've Got My Own Album To Do" & "Now Look"

"Gimme Some Neck"

Columbia, 1979

Worry No More/Breakin' My Heart/Delia/Buried Alive/Come To Realise/Infekshun/Seven Days/We All Get Old/F.U.C. Her/Lost And Lonely/Don't Worry

I love this record. Trouble is that it has the WORST drum sound ever laid down on a professionally recorded LP.

"1 2 3 4"

Columbia, 1981

1 2 3 4/Fountain Of Love/Outlaws/Redeyes/Wind Howlin' Through/Priceless/She Was Out There/Down To The Ground/She Never Told Me

"Slide On This"

Continuum Records, 1992

Somebody Else Might/Testify/Ain't Rock 'n Roll/Josephine/Knock Yer Teeth Out/Ragtime Annie(Lillie's Bordello)/Must Be Love/Fear For The Future/Show Me/Always Wanted More/Thinkin'/Like It/Breathe On Me/Somebody Else Might(Remix-Bonus)

"Slide On This"

P.A.R.C. Records/Koch International, 1998

(Reissue of Above)

"Show Me"

Continuum Records, 1992

Show Me (3:32)/Breathe On Me (5:39)

"Show Me"

Continuum Records, 1992

Includes Artwork Cards In Sleeve!

Show Me (3:32)/Breathe On Me (5:39)


Promotional CD Single From The Album "Slide On This"

Continuum Records (13210-2)

Josephine "In Your Face Mix" (4:32)/Josephine "LP Version" (5:28)

"Somebody Else Might"

Continuum Records, 1993

Somebody Else Might (3:50)

"Always Wanted More"

Continuum Records, 1993

Always Wanted More (Strat Mix 3:44)/Always Wanted More (Strad. Mix 3:42)

"Slide On Live"

Continuum Records, 1993

Testify/Josephine/Pretty Beat Up/Am I Groovin' You?/Flying/Breathe On Me/Silicone Grown/Seven Days/Show Me/Show Me(Groove)/I Can Feel The Fire/Slide Instrumental/Stay With Me

"Slide On Live"

P.A.R.C. Records/Koch International, 1998

(Reissue of Above)

"Stay With Me"

Taken From The Album "Slide On Live"

Continuum Records (10251991 01)

Stay With Me (Live) (6:03)/Josephine (Studio Re-Mix) (4:27)/Somebody Else Might (Studio Dance Re-Mix) (5:59)

"Live And Eclectic"

Burning Airlines/New Millennium Communications, 2000

Ron Wood has just released a new limited edition double CD in the UK. The bonus EP apparently will not be available on the US issue when it comes out. The CD comes with a very nice booklet detailing the life of Ron Wood as well as showcasing his now familiar artwork. This recording first received authorized distribution on CD's pressed by "The Album Network" and titled "Live From Electric Ladyland" for radio broadcast (WNEW 102.7). The matrix number of the original transcription disc is H8L90100D and states the date of the recording as November 2, 1992 which is NOT consistent with the "live and eclectic" booklet notes which states that this is a December, 1992 recording. This is an error. There is also an error in identifying three songs as Austin November 13, 1993 sources as they (*) are from San Diego, November 16, 1992. Much has been done to edit the talking of the studio announcer (Pat St. John) and of course commercials (Remington "Microscreen" etc...) from the Electric Ladyland gig and radio broadcast, which is the main source of material on this release. Both shows have also received wide unauthorized distribution:

Electric Ladyland Sources:

"Happy Woody" on Twin Tails (1310-A)

"Live At The Electric Ladyland" Backstage label (BKCD 026)

Bonus tracks: The Ritz, New York, October 31, 1992

"Gunslinger" Kisses Deluxe (Kiss No. 27)

"Pretty Beat Up" The Swingin' Pig (TSP-CD-154)

"Slide On This Band" No Label

Bonus tracks: The Ritz, New York, October 31, 1992

San Diego Source:

"Live In Austin" The Swingin' Pig (TSP-CD-203) - Line soundboard recording.

Note: The recording source of this recording is actually the Rhythm Cafe, San Diego, November 16, 1992. The "evidence" is in the original bootleg source at the end of the opening song Testify at 6:14:

"This little part of San Diego is really great!"

The Band:

Ron Wood - Vocals & Guitar

Bernard Fowler - Vocals

Johnny Lee Schell - Guitar. Johnny also played guitar on Ian McLagan's "Troublemaker" long player. That would make him technically a "New Barbarian" !

Wayne P. Sheehy - Drums

Shaun Salomon - Bass

Ian "Mac" McLagan & Chuck Leavell - Keyboards


1. Show Me - The rockin' boogie of "Show Me" opens this recording of live performances by Rolling Stone and solo artist Ron Wood. This one really swings. Song writing credit on this belongs to J. Williams.

Right, all right

I 'd just like everyone out there in radio land to know that we are playing naked

2. Flying - A nice dry fender arpeggio opens the song and paves the way for the virtuoso vocals of Bernard Fowler. A very nice rendition of a song originally released by the (Small) Faces on the "First Step" album.

On and on, yes I will follow with my buttons and bows

On and on, yes I will follow with my buttons and bows

3. Testify - A dance track with Ron and Bernard sharing the vocal. Closes with a tasteful horn arrangement.

I'm really feeling rough tonight

I hope you squeezed in, I guess...

Here's one out of the old ahh, text book

One that the Stones don't do very often

But we, will do tonight

It's just

It sums, the way up

The way I feel up

Pretty Beat Up...

4. Pretty Beat Up - I thought "Undercover" was a pretty intense record when it came out..and I still think so. No ballads on the entire LP. Ronnie gets a song writing credit for this one. The instrumental feel of the album version is captured very nicely here. OK Ron, how about Hey Negrita?

Thank you very much...

5. Always Wanted More - The live version from the Electric Ladyland is superb. Fine backing vocals by Bernard Fowler. I prefer this live version over the somewhat over produced take found on Woody's studio effort "Slide On This".

We take a little risk once in a while, you know what I mean?

We're gonna do a blast from the past here...

6. Breathe On Me - I couldn't believe that they didn't pick the absolutely phenomenal version from San Diego. This is the electric version from Electric Ladyland which ain't bad, it's just not the lovely textured acoustic version that the Austin audience was treated to. The song's got soul no matter how you look at it. First issued on Ron's solo LP "Now Look", which was released in 1975. It was also remade on the "Slide On This" CD, and of course played live by the New Barbarians on their 1979 tour.

Um, ahh this is another blast from the Faces past

And ahh, "Mac" is gonna bring this one in...

7. Silicone Grown - This song is the opening track from my favorite Faces LP "OOH LA LA".

Wait a minute honey, I don't think the joke's too funny

Ya stayed up all night checking out the doctor's guide

Wait a minute honey stop pretending you're a bunny

Ya might not catch that you been to see a specialist

Audience: RONNIE!

Ron: What?


All right, here's another one, blah, blah,blah,blah

8. Black Limousine - Another song performed live by Ronnie which he received co-writing credit for on the "Tattoo You" album. Ronnie lays out an inspired slide solo.

Band Introductions

Little black rooster...

9. Little Red Rooster - Played by Ron and The Rolling Stones at the El Mocambo in 1977. Bernard on the lead vocal.

10. Stay With Me - The famous Faces number from the classic "A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse..." LP. The live revival of this song by Ron Wood may well be attributed to none other than Howard Stern who coaxed Bernard and Ron into playing the number on the radio (without any previous rehearsal) on August 4, 1992. Both were clearly pleased with sound of the song.

Slide on this...

11.* Josephine - Gritty vocal by Ron singing about the lovely Jo Howard (Wood). The "In Your Face" mix from the 2-track US promo CD is worth searching out.

Yeap, thank you very much

Very nice round of applause from our, our new album

It's only been out about 12 months

No, it hasn't been out long has it Mac?

Mac: Don't tell lies Ronnie!

All right, it's been out about three months

But...I don't want to anymore now, I'm going home

Good Night

Who said that?

12.* I Know I'm Losing You - Bernard on vocals from the song originally played by Ron on Rod Stewart's solo effort "Every Picture Tells A Story". Lot's of reverb left in the vocal mix which is interesting but a bit overdone. Sounds like a Led Zeppelin soundboard.

Hey, nice one Bernard

All right then

Have a little party

13.* It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - Early takes of this song were recorded with Ron Wood while he was working with members of the Stones on his first solo effort "I've Got My Own Album To Do" released in 1974. I believe this is the alternate take that is heard on the video "Rewind" released in 1984.

CD2: Bonus E.P.

1. Flying - San Diego, November 16, 1992. Flying baby... vocal "marker".

Not bad, not bad ehh

What the hell is going on here?

Bernard there on the "vehicles"

2. Silicone Grown - San Diego, November 16, 1992. Marker is added "no" in the first verse.

Yeah, it ain't all hot in here

3. Stay With Me - San Diego, November 16, 1992. The slide introduction is That's All You Need from the Faces "A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse..." then a quick switch Stay With Me. Check out the drum sound at the introduction.

"Austin" source:

Ahhh, lovely to see you all

Have a drink!


New York source:

Oh, we're going to do another one

Off this album put on together

Off of "Slide On This" right...

4. Somebody Else - This is an enhanced audience DAT! It is EXACTLY the same source as the bonus tracks on the unauthorized CD "Live At The Electric Ladyland" ! The evidence is in the audience "markers" that trace the venue and tape:

- Ronnie says "Ritz...Ritz...Ritz" at the end of the song. This places the song and venue.

- There is a high pitched series of three audience screams in the right channel just before the song ends, and three high pitched screams after the song ends. This places the tape source.

Source: The Ritz, New York, October 31, 1992. This is a rare live performance of this song.

5. I Can Feel The Fire - This is an audience DAT! It is EXACTLY the same source as the bonus tracks on the unauthorized CD "Live At The Electric Ladyland" ! From "I've Got My Own Album To Do", UK's "Cancel Everything" LP, and the German "Sure The One You Need" (great cover ) 2LP. Studio version has a Jagger/Wood vocal.

Source: The Ritz, New York, October 31, 1992.

Again: Should have included the San Diego, Breath On Me on the bonus disc! Fowler panning effects and all.

Note that this is the second live record from this incarnation of the Ron Wood solo act. The first being "Slide On Live: Plugged In And Standing" (pun intended for Rod Stewart: "Unplugged And Seated") found on the now defunct Continuum label and also on P.A.R.C. records with two new bonus tracks. This is also from the 92/93 tour at the Ritz, New York, Avalon, Boston, and Budokan, Japan. It's even a similar song list:

Testify/Josephine/Pretty Beat Up/Am I Groovin' You?/Flying/Breathe On Me/Silicone Grown/Seven Days/Show Me/I Can Feel The Fire/Slide Instrumental/Stay With Me

Even though there are similarities I always found myself listening to the Ladyland disc over "Slide On Live", so it's nice to have the official release with the interesting bonus tracks!

"No Stone Unturned"

Mick Taylor "14 Below": Sweet Home Chicago 5:25/Coastin' Home 5:10/I Wonder Why 9:19/You Gotta Move 8:26/You Shook Me 13:02/Can't You Hear Me Knockin' 11:43

Ron Wood: "live and eclectic": Show Me 3:46/Flying 4:36/Testify 5:40/Pretty Beat Up 4:42/Always Wanted More 5:34/Breath On Me 6:36/Silicone Grown 3:34/Black Limousine 4:50/Little Red Rooster 5:58/Stay With Me 4:03/Josephine 5:28/I Know I'm Losing You 3:58/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 5:21

Comments: Two previously released solo efforts from a former and current guitar player of The Rolling Stones. Both in original/current packaging, except in a carboard sleeve as seen above. Who woulda thunk it? Battle of the bands!

"Not For Beginners"

Steamhammer Records/SPV, Germany, 2001

Wayside/Rock 'n Roll Star/Whadd'ya Think/This Little Heart/Leaving Here/Hypershine/R.U. Behaving Yourself?/Be Beautiful/Wake Up You Beauty/Interfere/Real Hard Rocker/Heart, Soul, and Body/King Of Kings

"Ron Wood: Far East Man DVD"

Live England performance for Ron's solo CD "Not For Beginners"

Hey Negrita(Lots of Reggae flavor)/Rock And Roll Star/This Little Heart (w/Leah Wood)/What D'you Think?/Ooh La La/Testify/Am I Groovin' You/Flying/Far East Man/Jealous Guy/Paradise City (w/Slash)/Kilburn Crotch/Stay With Me

"Ronnie Wood: Always Wanted More"


Alchemy Entertainment Ltd.

Show Me (Live) 3:48/Flying (Live)/Always Wanted More (Live)/Stay With Me (Live) 4:05/I Know I'm Losing You 4:00 (Live)/Its Only Rock 'n' Roll 5:23 (Live)/Mona The Blues 4:29/Woody's Thing 1:47/Rooster Funeral 3:49/Tonight's Number 3:14/I Can Feel The Fire (Live) 5:56

Comment: Release date on this is 2003, but better late than never and this report coincides with the "Anthology" release for interesting comparison of track choices. The live tracks (which are great) are from The Electric Ladyland Studios, New York, November 2, 1992 radio broadcast, except I Can Feel The Fire, which is audience source from the official release "Live And Eclectic" (bonus disc version). This track was recorded at The Ritz, New York, October 31, 1992.

"Ron Wood Anthology: The Essential Crossexion"


Virgin Records America, Inc.

CD 1 (Solo): I Can Feel The Fire 4:55/Cancel Everything 4:39/Far East Man 4:40/Big Bayou 2:41/If You Don't Want My Love 4:15/1234 3:28/Fountain Of Love 5:11/Seven Days (Live from Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary, MSG, NY, October 16, 1992) 5:25/Always Wanted More 5:36/Breathe On Me 5:40/Somebody Else Might 4:53/Josephine 5:29/Testify (From "Slide On Live") 5:31/Whadd'ya Think 3:01 (Jesse & Ron Wood) /This Little Heart (Leah & Ron Wood) 3:41/Little Mixed Up (Also recorded by the Stones at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas, May-June, 1983) 3:01/You Strum And I'll Sing (With Rod Stewart) 3:21

CD 2 (Groups): You're On My Mind 2:49 (The Birds)/You Don't Love Me 2:06 (The Birds)/No Good Without You Baby 2:39 (The Birds)/How Can It Be 2:59 (The Birds)/Midway Down 2:46 (The Creation)/The Girls Are Naked 1:58 (The Creation)/I Ain't Superstitious 4:55 (Jeff Beck Group)/All Shook Up 4:52 (Jeff Beck Group)/Plynth (Water Down The Drain) 3:06 (Jeff Beck Group)/Jailhouse Rock 3:16 (Jeff Beck Group)/Flying 4:17 (The Faces)/Gasoline Alley 4:06 (Rod Stewart)/Miss Judy's Farm 3:40 (The Faces)/Too Bad 3:13 (The Faces)/Maggie May 5:48 (Rod Stewart)/Stay With Me 4:40 (The Faces)/Every Picture Tells A Story 5:59 (Rod Stewart)/Ooh La La 3:30 (The Faces)/Every Thing Is Turning To Gold 4:08 (The Rolling Stones)/Black Limosine 3:33 (The Rolling Stones)

Comment: These look to be Ron's personal picks with interesting notes regarding the music. Little Mixed Up is the sensation on this compilation. A song previously recorded, but not released by Rolling Stones in 1983. Ron obviously penned the song. His liner notes say the song was inspired by Betty James. Check my analysis of the Stones version on this web site at:

Would I second guess such a compilation with my own list of songs? Of course, this is "Best Of" though, and not a career "Anthology":

CD 1 - 1:18:24 (Solo): I Can Feel The Fire (I've Got My Own Album To Do) 4:55/I Can't Stand The Rain (Now Look) 3:12/You Really Got A Hold On Me (Slide On Live Bonus Track) 4:05/Somebody Else Might (Slide On This) 4:53/Must Be Love (Slide On This) 4:12/Fear For Your Future (Slide On This) 4:03/Josephine (Slide On This) 5:29/Little Mixed Up (Anthology) 3:01/Breathe On Me (from "Every Picture Tells A Story" Book CD) 6:37/Testify (From Slide On Live) 5:31/Always Wanted More (Electric Ladyland, NY, November 2, 1992) 5:42/Pretty Beat Up (Ron Vocal - Electric Ladyland, NY, November 2, 1992) 4:44/Black Limousine (Ron Vocal - Electric Ladyland, NY, November 2, 1992) 5:13/Show Me (Live) 3:48/They Don't Make Outlaws Like They Used To (Bo Diddley: Live At The Ritz, 1988) 4:12/So High (with Bobby Womack from "Every Picture Tells A Story" Book CD) 3:45/Mystifies Me (Live At Kilburn Theater, London, July 14, 1974) 5:02

CD 2 - 1:19:55 (With Rod Stewart & The Faces): Around The Plynth 5:58 (First Step)/Gasoline Alley 4:05 (Gasoline Alley)/Every Picture Tells A Story 6:02 (Every Picture Tells A Story)/Maggie May 5:50 (Every Picture Tells A Story)/Mandolin Wind 5:35 (Every Picture Tells A Story)/Stay With Me 4:39 (A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse)/Miss Judy's Farm 3:39 (A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse)/True Blue 3:35 (Never A Dull Moment)/Lost Paraguayos 3:59 (Never A Dull Moment)/Italian Girls 4:57 (Never A Dull Moment)/You Wear It Well 4:26 (Never A Dull Moment)/I'd Rather Go Blind 6:04 (Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners)/Silicone Grown 3:06 (Ooh La La)/My Fault 3:07 (Ooh La La)/Borstal Boys 2:55 (Ooh La La)/Ooh La La 3:30 (Ooh La La)/Jealous Guy 4:44 (Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners)/Sweet Little Rock 'n Roller 3:44 (Smiler)

Comment: Ron, how could you leave off So High? Would'a been a cool rarity to include.

"New Barbarians - Live In Maryland - Buried Alive"


Wooden Records

Capital Center Arena, Largo, Maryland, May 5, 1979

The New Barbarians are: Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Stanley Clarke, Ian McLagan, Bobby Keys, & Ziggy Modeliste.

CD 1: Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller 4:20/Buried Alive 6:27/F. U. C. Her 4:48/Mystifies Me 5:37/Infekshun 4:56/Rock Me, Baby (Live) 6:04/Sure the One You Need 4:49/Lost & Lonely 4:29/Love in Vain 8:38/Breathe on Me 10:23

CD 2: Let’s Go Steady 3:25/Apartment No. 9 4:13/Honky Tonk Women 5:50/Worried Life Blues 4:07/I Can Feel the Fire 6:44/Come to Realize 5:11/Am I Grooving You? 9:39/Seven Days 6:03/Before They Make Me Run 3:23/Jumpin’ Jack Flash 7:38

Comment: To say that this now official release was widely b*otlegged is a huge understatement. The liner notes make specific mention of the Vinyl Gang Product release of this show! None the less a very coherent performance from a band who on many other nights of this tour was out on the fringe.

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