Promotional Recording Sessions

Rice Crispies Jingle (:24)

The recording source comes to us from a special on commercials and advertising. The jingle was used in the early sixties, and was recorded in October, 1963 at the infamous IBC studios where the Stones had their first real studio session some 7 months earlier. A.k.a. Wake Up in the Morning & Snap, Crackle Pop.

Found on CD's:

"Hot Stuff Vol. Two: In Studio" (Disk 1, track 1) Great Dane 4CD book-like packaging with color booklet. (9P1950124901, 9P1950124902, 9P1950124903, 9P1950124904)

"Around And Around" Invasion Unlimited (IU 9535-1) This is the Best Quality Source.This track is copied from "Hot Stuff Vol. Two: In Studio". You can hear the first opening note of Tell Me at the very end of the song which is track 2 on "Hot Stuff".

"Beggars Breakfast" Invasion Unlimited (IU )

"One Night With a Tallahassee Lassie" Extremly Rare (EXR019/EXR020)

"Mixed Pickles" Outlaw Records (Matrix Scratched Out)

"Understones (Bones & Jones Vol. II) Luna Records (LUNA 9203)

The Words:

Wake up in the morning there's snap around the place

Wake up in the morning there's crackle in your face

Wake up in the morning there's a pop that really sends

Rice Crispies for you, and you, and you

Pour on the milk and listen to the snap that sends us nice

Pour on the milk and listen to the crackle of that rice

Get up in the morning to the pop that's sends us twice

Hear them talkin' crisp

Rice Crispies!

The Rolling Stones deliver 30 seconds of Rockin' R&B boogie. I wish it would go on for 5 minutes longer even with the cereal lyrics!

Exile On Main Street Blues

Recorded after mixing sessions for "Exile On Main St." at Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles, March 28, 1972.

There are two different versions of this song:

* M. Jagger with piano accompaniment & vocal (1:33)

No musical excerpts with complete unedited vocal of the song. Only on unauthorized recordings.

**M. Jagger with piano accompaniment & vocal and musical excerpts of:

1. All Down The Line

2. Tumbling Dice

3. Shine A Light

4. Happy


+ Same as (**) except the album song excerpts are edited out.

Found in the Magazine:

UK "New Musical Express" 29th April '72 Issue

Black 7" round 'flexi' promotional tear-out recording: 33 1/3 rpm


Side A:

**Exile On Main St. Blues

Side B: More Sampler Tracks:

From the album "Phantasmagoria" by Curved Air (included Darryl Way, Sonja Kristina and Stewart Copeland) - Awful!

From the album "Blind Alley" by the all-girl group Fanny (featuring the Millington sisters).

Found on LP's:

* "Gravestones" Rolling Stones Vinyl Product (R.S.V.P. 003).

This version originally released on this disc circa 1977. Blue and maroon rubber stamped cover.

* "Gravestones and Rape of the Vaults" (R.S.V.P. 002 & 003).

The more common reissue of the rare "Gravestones" LP. I found this years ago while on a High School date. We came across one of those little record stores that had "the look". Plans for the evening took an immediate detour. Not such a great idea maybe, but I still have the record!

* "Taxile On Main Street (What's Left Alive)" Town Records (242-HS A/B/C/D)

Printed gatefold cover. Uses shots from "Exile" postcards for cover artwork.

** "C_ _ksucker Blues" The Kornyphone Records For The Working Man

(TKRWM 1822)

This has a deluxe printed cover that was also used on the "Burning At The Hollywood Palladium" disc on Trade Mark of Quality. This is no coincidence.

Found on CD's:

+ "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - Outtakes" Invasion Unlimited (IU 9536-1)

This version has noticeable splices.


+ "Exiles Afternoon: Revisted" Turd On The Run Records (SF 104937)

The last track on the CD (17), which is not listed on the inlay. This version has cleaner editing of the song. The Keith "count-in" spliced in at the beginning of the track is taken from the outtake, I Need You from the "Some Girls" album sessions.

** "Stones Touring Party" (091-009/091-010)

The Words:

Exile on Main St. a strange street to walk down

Exile on Main St., strange street to walk down

(Album Excerpt: All Down The Line)

(Album Excerpt: Tumbling Dice)

Exile on Main St., strange street to walk down

Now Let It Loose, now mama, let it all hang down

Ahh, round up those people, move 'em out of town

Gimme a little drink, from your Loving Cup, ahh

Shake Your Hip mama, keep me all shook-up

Feelin' so doggone Happy like a natural child

A help me do the Boogie

All Down The Line

Come on Virginia

Let's shoot some Dice

My Sweet Black Angel, ahh

Shine A little Light, and I . . .

Insert: The missing verses not included in the promotional version

> feel so Happy, and I, feel so Happy

> And I, feel so Happy, and I, feel so Happy

> Where's your Ventilator baby?

> Where's your Ventilator?

> Where's your Ventilator baby?

> Where's your Ventilator..ahh?

> Ahhh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh mama, ooh yeah

> Awww...

> Exile on Main St. is a low down dirty crime (End)

(Album Excerpt: Shine A Light)

(Album Excerpt: Happy)

Exile on Main St. a strange street to walk down (from the first two lines)

Exile on Main St., strange street to walk down

Exile on Main St. is a low down dirty crime

This incredible promotional recording provides unique foreshadowing as to what would be revealed in the coming weeks . . . the definitive Rock 'n Roll record of our time. The song is foot stompin' blues soul, with Jagger pounding the ivories. Skip James style Delta Blues. The lyrics cleverly weave track titles from the forthcoming LP into a song. The reverse of the "cut-up" writing style incorporated into Casino Boogie. His pal of the day, David Bowie had turned him on to the concept. Ever wonder why the lyrics of this song don't make sense? They were cut-up on to the floor, and pieced together into a song.

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