Mick Taylor - "Session Musician on LP's"

B.B. Blunder "Workers Playtime"

United Artist Records, 1971

New Day

Nicky Hopkins "The Tin Man Was A Dreamer"

Columbia Records, 1973

Dolly - Lead Guitar

Speed On - Rhythm Guitar

Lawyers Lament - Lead & Acoustic Guitar

Herbie Mann "London Underground"

Atlantic Records, 1974


Something In The Air


A Whiter Shade of Pale

Memphis Spoon Bread and Dover Sole

Herbie Mann "Reggae"

Atlantic Records, 1974

Swingin' Shepard Blues

My Girl

"Sirkel & Co"

Affinity Records, 1977

Living In The Laid Back

Riff a Bit

I Haven't Got Too Much Time

Up On Your Cloud

Little Feat "Waiting For Columbus"

Warner Brothers Records, 1978

A Apolitical Blues (Live)

Guido Toffoletti's Blues Society "No Compromise"

Appaloosa Records, 1985

Still the Same

Let Me Hold You Tight

Forget that Girl

You Know The Reason Why

Try Just One More Time

Woke Up This Morning

I'm Walkin' Out The Door

Let's Have Some Fun

The Same Old Story

Anthony Thistlewaite "Aesop Wrote A Fable"

Rolling Acres Records, 1993 (Matrix: ACRE 1LP A1/B1)

Jenny (by John Mayall)

It Don't Make Sense

Gerry Groom "Once In A Blue Moon"

Shattered Music, 1993

Limited Edition of 1000 Signed LP's

Both LP's Blue Vinyl

Songs Not Included on the CD Version:

The One Who Hears You Pray

I Wish You Would

Long Distance Call

Blue Moon

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