Rollling Stones - Exile On Main St. Sessions

Ain't Gonna Lie (3:49)

"Exile On Main St." is an incredible journey and not a single song or musical moment. It is as much a theme record as "Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band", but in this case we are taken on an excursion through influences of American music. The mood is personified by Robert Frank's cover artwork that includes a couple of the liner photos taken from his book "The Americans". The record transitions through it's sides, which are now somewhat obscured by the contiguous CD media that it is distributed on today. Side 1 opens with definitive rock 'n' roll numbers Rocks Off and Rip This Joint and transitions into blues with Slim Harpo's Hip Shake and rockin' boogie with Casino Boogie. It finally closes with the first LP single Tumbling Dice. Side 2 is the acoustic side. Sweet Virginia has got to be the song playing on the Wurlitzer juke box seen in the Las Vegas bar room photo found on the LP inner sleeve. We move through the country tinged Torn and Frayed and find Southern country music with it's clear influence from Gram Parsons. Perhaps the earliest Jamaican influences are revealed on Sweet Black Angel. The new generation of Rolling Stones ballads is unveiled in Loving Cup as well as the continuation of the Jamaican influence with the steel drums that come in at 3:30, which are unfortunately, mixed down in the LP release of the song. There are alternate takes with different mixes that highlight the steel drum sound. Side 3 brings us to Keith's brilliant Happy. His strongest song to date and worthy of being released as a single from the record. Turd On The Run is a working title that for some strange reason stuck. A simple arrangement in capo'd open G with two finger chords that personifies the Stones reputation for producing "perfect noise". The song is bluesy, rural, and Appalachian. Hard blues follow in the gritty slide of Ventilator Blues. Listen carefully for the odd time signature of Charlie's drumming...sheer genius. This was one of Jagger's favorite songs from the record. Chants and funk groove follow in Just Wanna See His Face. The 2:50 portion of the song heard on the record is edited out of a 30 minute jam. The wonderful ballad Let It Loose closes the side. The incredible sound heard is an electric guitar being played through a "Leslie" organ amplifier. Side 4 opens with a rocking All Down The Line, and like side 1 includes a mix of blues with fantastic adaptation of Robert Johnson's Stop Breaking Down. A song whose musical track was completed in one take. Another great ballad follows with organ and back-up singers that present a heavy gospel music influence. A song for a period of time that was lacking a theme until Jagger came up with the "At Sea" motif heard in Soul Survivor. The riff on this closing track was so strong that Keith couldn't help but reuse it on the 1983 release It Must Be Hell. The music is a wide ranging landscape. The lyrics are very early Seventies America with references to activist Angela Davis and "Dick and Pat (Nixon) in the ole' DC". When tracing the origins of these classic songs we find that this record like 1981's "Tattoo You" is mix of music that was recorded over a 3 year period. Some of the songs are drastic reworkings of their original counter-parts. The question then arises: What was left unused from sessions that produced the definitive rock 'n roll record of our time? The answer speaking in general terms is not a whole lot. There is one song which has received a fair amount circulation that can be described as a true "Exile" era song. It's the track Ain't Gonna Lie (3:49). An "Exile" mixing session outtake from Sunset Sound Studios, Hollywood, December 1971 to March 1972. A.k.a. I Ain't Lying, I Ain't Signifying, I've Been Here Before, and Mean Women Blues (This incorrect listing from The Swingin' Pig is actually a reference to Tumbling Dice - Listen for Jagger's words before Tumbling Dice from Perth, February 24, 1973). Taylor adds an array of blues runs to the simple 12-bar blues riff. His playing turns this jam into an absolute groove, and Jagger delivers an incredibly powerful vocal. There is great piano playing going on in the right channel, and the interesting percussion in the "center" of the recording. This is possibly Jimmy Miller on percussion.

Unauthorized Recordings Of This Unissued Track

Found on LP's:

"Unsearchable Stars" The Swingin' Pig (ST D+B 01-A/B). On black and rare red vinyl.

"Mona" Albino Records (TA5535 A/B)

"Studio Work" Starlight Records (SL87004-A/B/C/D)

Found On CD's:

"Exile Outtakes"

(RS 7191)

No Label

Shine A Light 4:14/Sweet Virginia 4:30/Good Time Woman 3:37/Loving Cup 6:41/Stop Breaking Down 4:42/Shake Your Hips 4:23/Let It Loose (Instr.) 5:50/Sweet Black Angel (Instr.) 3:13/Hillside Blues (I Don't Know The Reason Why) 11:29/Highway Child 5:25/All Down The Line 4:37/I Ain't Lying 3:54/Ventilator Blues 5:59

"Tropical Disease"

(MB CD 003)

Midnight Beat

Shine A Light 4:09/Loving Cup 6:28/Shake Your Hips 4:17/Sweet Virginia 4:22/Good Time Woman 3:19/Stop Breaking Down 4:36/Let It Loose(Inst) 5:44/Sweet Black Angel(Inst) 3:06/I Don't Know The Reason Why 11:18/Highway Child 5:18/All Down The Line 4:31/I Ain't Lying 3:49

Comment: A copy of "Exile Outtakes" minus the Dallas Rehearsal take of Ventilator Blues.

"The ABKCO Masters"

(CO 0871-29)


Jivin' Sister Fanny 3:06/Shine A Light 3:50/Loving Cup 6:03/I'm Going Down 2:46/Hip Shake 4:01/Sweet Virginia 4:09/Tumbling Dice 3:20/Stop Breaking Down 4:18/Still A Fool 1:57/Brown Sugar 3:48/Stuck Out All Alone 3:03/Family #1 3:23/Still A Fool (a.k.a Two Trains) 9:02/Family #2 3:52/All Down The Line 4:07/Memo From Turner 2:30/Downtown Lucy 3:29 /I Ain't Lying 3:32/Blood Red Wine 4:52

Comment: Plays fast (3:30 = 5.4% tape speed adjustment), affects the vocal pitch, & tons of tape hiss. Avoid it like the plague.

"Hot Stuff"


Great Dane

CD2: Wild Horses (Alternate Slide Take) 5:33/I Got The Blues (Alternate Take) 3:46/I Ain't Lying (Outtake London1970) 3:51/Shine A Light (Alternate Take) 4:11/Sweet Virginia (Alternate Take) 4:24/Loving Cup (1969 Version) 6:37/Good Time Women (1st Version of Tumbling Dice) 3:36/Stop Breaking Down (Alternate Take) 4:40/Shake Your Hips (Alternate Take) 4:20/Let It Loose (Instumentlal w/slide) 5:47/Sweet Black Angel (Instrumental) 3:09/Silver Train (Alternate Take) 3:56/Dancing With Mr D (Alternate Take) 4:39/Through The Lonely Nights (B-Side & Rarities Release) 4:16/It's Only Rock And Roll (Album Version) 5:00


(TCD 43-A)


CD1: Bright Lights, Big City 2:27/Beautiful Delilah 2:15/Diddley Daddy 2:40/Road Runner 3:05/Stewed & Keefed 4:07/Don't Lie To Me 2:07/Hi-Heel Sneakers 2:59/Down In The Bottom 2:43/1964 Blues Jam 3:11/Andrew's Blues #1 3:02/1964 Blues Jam #2 2:59/Baby What's Wrong 3:27/Fanny Mae 2:14/Looking Tired 2:16/Walkin' Thru The Sleepy City 2:52/West Coast Idea 2:18/Loving Sacred Loving 3:02/Shades Of Orange 2:40/Blood Red & Wine 5:25/Catfish Blues 9:34 /Highway Child 5:26/Can't Believe 3:18/I Ain't Lying 3:50

"Get A Line On You"


Vinyl Gang Product

Exile On Main Street Blues 0:57/Shine A Light 4:08/Loving Cup 6:34/Shake Your Hips 4:20/Sweet Virginia 4:23/Good Time Women 3:37/Stop Breaking Down 4:41/Let It Loose 5:56/Sweet Black Angel 3:08/All Down The Line 4:27/Ain't Gonna Lie 3:53/I Don't Know The Reason Why 11:32/Highway Child 5:16/I Don't Care 2:52

Comment: There's a ringing sound throughout the entire recording. Forget about it.

"Hillside Blues"


Vinyl Gang Product

CD 1: Jiving Sister Fanny 3:24/I'm Going Down 3:02/I Don't Know Why 2:09/Hamburger To Go 3:21/Downtown Suzie 3:49/Blood Red Wine 5:18/Travellin' Man 6:01/Family 3:44/Still A Fool 9:46/Family (Retake) 4:15/Leather Jacket 3:30/Dancing In The Light 2:52/Potted Shrimp 4:13/Alladin Story 5:29/And I Was A Country Boy 4:25/Who Am I ? 3:53/Untitled (Trident Jam) 3:39

CD 2: Shine A Light 4:09/Sweet Virginia 4:22/Good Time Woman 3:35/Loving Cup 6:37/Stop Breaking Down 4:39/Shake Your Hips 4:22/Let It Loose 5:56/Sweet Black Angel 3:11/Hillside Blues (a.k.a Don't Know The Reason Why) 11:37/Highway Child 5:17/All Down The Line 4:30/I Ain't Lying 3:52/Ventilator Blues 5:58

"Beggars Breakfast"

(TSD TU-9411-1)

Invasion Unlimited

Gimme Shelter (Keith Vocal) 4:32/Brown Sugar (Altenate Take w/Different Lead Guitar) 3:50/Stop Breaking Down (Alternate Take - Stripped Version) 4:41/Shake Your Hips (Montreux, May 1972 Rehearsal) 3:35/Loving Cup (1969 Version) 6:40/Loving Cup (Alternate Take) 5:36/Shine A Light (Alternate Take) 4:11/I Ain't Lying (Outtake) 3:47/Sway (Single Mix) 3:27/Sweet Virgina (Alternate Take) 4:19/I Don't Care (Outtake) 3:04/Sympathy For The Devil (Session Film-Excerpts) 9:17/Tell Me (Your Coming Back) (Alternate Take) 2:53/TV Commercial: "Rice Krispies" 0:28/You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover (Outtake-Partial from Radio Interview) 1:18

"Rare On Mainstreet"


No Label

Gimme Shelter (Keith Vocal) 4:32/Brown Sugar (Early Mix) 3:50/Stop Breakin' Down (Alt Vocal) 4:39/Shake Your Hips (Rehearsal) 3:36/Loving Cup (1969 Version) 6:40/Loving Cup (1971 Alt Version) 5:36/Shine A Light (Alt Vocals) 4:11/I Ain't Lying (Improvisation) 3:47/Sway (Early Mix) 3:27/Sweet Virgina (Alt Mix Minus Backing Vox) 4:19/I Don't Care (Improvisation) 3:02/Sympathy For The Devil (Excerpts) 9:18/Tell Me (Alt Version) 2:54/Rice Krispies Commercial 0:28/You Can't Judge A Book (1962 Version) 1:18

Comment: Digital clone copy of above title "Beggars Breakfast".

"Exile On Main St Blues"


Exile On Main Street Blues (Flexi-Disc Version) 6:22/All Down The Line (Stereo Mix) 3:54/Get A Line On You (Shine A Light w/Leon Russell & Mick Jagger) 4:27/Stop Breaking Down(Demo) 4:38 /Highway Chile (Outtake) 5:24/I Ain't Signyfying (Outtake) 3:54/Good Time Woman (Early Version Of "Tumbling Dice") 3:24/Loving Cup (Slow Version) 6:50/All Down The Line ( Stereo Acoustic Version) 4:38/Shake Your Hips (Demo) 4:21/Hillside Blues (Outtake) 11:38/Bent Green Needles (Early Version of Sweet Black Angel) 3:05/Sweet Virginia (Demo) 4:24/Shine A Light (Demo) 4:08/Loving Cup (Montreux '72 Rehearsal) 5:37/Exile On Main Street Blues(...Only The Blues) 1:38

"Exile On Main St. Outtakes"


Singer's Original

Sound Quality: Very Good to Excellent Studio.

Get A Line On You 4:24 (From the Leon Russell Gold Disc)/Good Time Woman (Early version of Tumbling Dice) 3:18/Shake Your Hips 4:13/Hillside Blues (a.k.a Don't Know The Reason Why) 11:15/Sweet Virginia 4:19/Bent Green Needles (Sweet Black Angel Instrumental) 3:00/Loving Cup (Olympic Studios, June 19-July 2, 1969 Version) 6:36/Ventlator Blues (Dallas Rehearsals, June 23, 1972)/5:58/I Ain't Signifying (a.k.a Ain't Gonna Lie) 3:48/Let It Loose 5:53 (Instrumental)/Travelin' Man 5:56/Stop Breaking Down 4:34/Shine A Light 4:01/I'm Going Down 2:44

The Words:

When your gazin' at the ceiling baby

When your sitin' on your floor

Have you ever had the feeling baby

That you, been here, before

When you ride a unicycle baby

And your toe chart worry

Have you ever had the feeling baby

That you, been here, before

Honey, I ain't lying

(Honey), I ain't jiving

I ain't signifying


Instrumental Break. Snaking" lead lines by Mick Taylor

And you felt her lying (Jagger sings over the solo: Listen for the notes played by Taylor)

Honey, I ain't jiving

Honey, I ain't signifying

Oh... Oh... Oh...Play it again...

Instrumental Break

Hey, get it...




Ironically, it is "Studio Work" on the vinyl reissue label Starlight Records that captures the best fidelity recording of this lost studio track. Best CD sound on "Tropical Disease", which seems to have the least amount of tape hiss present.

Missing In Action

The song would have fit nicely on side 3 of "Exile On Main St.". Maybe between Turd On The Run and Ventilator Blues, or on side 4 between Stop Breaking Down and Shine A Light. It could have worked even as this jam with the not quite complete lyrics. The song wouldn't pass muster today, but would have been a fit for "Exile". It would have been part of "the journey" and not assessed as a particular song worthy of being the next hit single.

The "Exile On Main St." journey has taken us to the roots of Rock 'n' Roll in Philadelphia, PA, to the home of the electric blues in Chicago, and to Texas and the Southern States where country and gospel music abound. We are then taken to the fringes of the southeast seaboard for a stop in Jamaica where we hear the roots of the Reggae sound that would evolve in the Seventies. Despite it's electric sound, Ain't Gonna Lie characterized by it's simple arrangement, primal percussion beat, and acoustic piano may have taken us closer to the Southern Mississippi Delta Blues.

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