The Rolling Stones - Commercial - Official Release Archive

"Ronnie Wood: Always Wanted More"


Alchemy Entertainment Ltd.

Show Me (Live) 3:48/Flying (Live)/Always Wanted More (Live)/Stay With Me (Live) 4:05/I Know I'm Losing You 4:00 (Live)/Its Only Rock 'n' Roll 5:23 (Live)/Mona The Blues 4:29/Woody's Thing 1:47/Rooster Funeral 3:49/Tonight's Number 3:14/I Can Feel The Fire (Live) 5:56

Comment: Release date on this is 2003, but better late than never and this report coincides with the "Anthology" release for interesting comparison of track choices. The live tracks (which are great) are from The Electric Ladyland Studios, New York, November 2, 1992 radio broadcast, except I Can Feel The Fire, which is audience source from the official release "Live And Eclectic" (bonus disc version). This track was recorded at The Ritz, New York, October 31, 1992.

"Chuck Berry & Keith Richards: Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll"

(B00060671001 & 5041845.9.A0.A005)

Hear Music/Starbucks Edition

CD: You Can't Catch Me 2:46/No Particular Place To Go 2:45/You Never Can Tell 2:42/Sweet Little Sixteen 3:04/I'm Talking About You 1:51/Brown Eyed Handsome Man 2:18/Maybellene 2:21/Too Much Monkey Business 2:56/Memphis 2:13/Havana Moon 3:09/Almost Grown 2:22/School Day (Ring Ring Goes the Bell) 2:43/Little Queenie 2:46/Nadine 2:34

DVD: Interviews with Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eric Clapton, & Keith Richards. Rehearsals for Chuck's 60th Birthday celebration in St. Louis, 1986. Live Performance includes: Roll Over Beethoven, Almost Grown, Back In The USA (with Linda Ronstadt), Sweet Little Sixteen, Nadine, Johnny B. Goode, Memphis, Little Queenie, Brown Eyed Handsome Man (with Robert Cray), Too Much Monkey Business, No Particular Place To Go, Wee Wee Hours (with Eric Clapton), Rock And Roll Music (with Etta James), and School Days.

Comment: The history of the start of Rock 'n' Roll, right here. Several of those featured have since passed. This is really an important time capsule with added interviews as bonus material not included in the movie theater or VHS release of some years ago. Note that the CD tracks are Chuck Berry Chess Records originals and NOT soundtrack versions of the songs.

"My Soul Is A Witness: Marsha Hansen & Keith Richards - Book and Audio CD)

This Little Light Of Mine 4:54/Been In The Storm So Long 4:08 (the voice of Keith is heard on this one)/Hush, Hush 4:26 (the voice of Keith is heard on this one)/Stan' Still Jordan 3:13/I Want Jesus To Walk With Me 3:06/Rock In Jerusalem 3:48 (the voice of Keith is heard on this one and probably guitar too)/I Got A Robe 7:44 (the voice of Keith is heard on this one and probably guitar too)/Let Us Break Bread Together 3:16/My Soul Is A Witness 2:12/Oh, Peter, Go Ring Dem Bells 2:05/Sweet Little Jesus Boy 3:17/Were You There 2:26/De Gospel Train 1:32/I Believe This Is Jesus 1:38

Comment: Gospel chants, closest Stones reference musically & thematically - Just Wanna See His Face. Marsha is a concert vocalist which is clearly heard in her vocal execution of these tracks. She is Keith's sister-in-law (married to Patti's brother). This is a very slick production, and now it's time to go and listen to Blind Willie Johnson.

"Gram Parson & Keith Richards: Fallen Angel - DVD"

"Bill Wyman: A Stone Alone - The Solo Anthology 1974-2002"

CD 1: I Wanna Get Me A Gun 4:56/Monkey Grip Glue 4:54/What A Blow 5:23/White Lightnin' 2:43/I'll Pull You Through 4:25/It's A Wonder 5:28/A Quarter To Three 2:49/Soul Satisfying 2:37/Peanut Butter Time 3:50/If You Wanna Be Happy 2:47/What's The Point 2:32/Ride On Baby 3:53/A New Fashion 4:08/Nuclear Reactions 3:38/Come Back Suzanne 3:24/Girls 2:45/(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star 5:59/Stuff (Can't Get Enough) 3:25/This Strange Effect 3:35/Blue Murder (Lies) 3:17

CD 2: Baby Please Don't Go 2:38/You Never Can Tell 3:54/Let's Talk It Over 2:59/Mystery Train (live) 5:06/Tear It Up (live) 3:04/Land Of A Thousand Dances (live) 4:33/Let The Good Times Roll (live) 3:29/Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (live) 2:05/Georgia On My Mind (live) 5:44/I'm Ready (live) 4:35/Lead Me To The Water (live) 5:35/Baby Workout (live) 3:33/I'll Be Satisfied (live) 3:06/Chicken Shack Boogie 5:08/Love Letters (live) 3:50/Jitterbug Boogie (live) 3:21/Melody (live) 4:42/Stop Her On Sight (SOS) (live) 3:33/Midnight Special (live) 3:23/Jump Jive An' Wail (live) 4:04

"Peter Frampton, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts: Fingerprints - Promotional CD"

Boot It Up 3:28/Ida Y Vuelta (Out And Back) 3:24/Black Hole Sun 5:25/Float 4:03/My Cup Of Tea 4:52/Shewango Way 3:19/Blooze 5:14/Cornerstones 3:13 (Awsome: Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman)/Grab A Chicken (Put It Back) 3:52/Double Nickles 3:48/Smokey 4:51/Blowin' Smoke 3:49/Oh, When... 1:19/Suovenirs De Nos Pères (Memories Of Our Fathers) 4:58

Comment: Like the Satriani, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson guitar instrumental efforts of the 80's & 90's except funkier and groovier. The guy still has some serious chops under his sleeve. Of course Wyman is a natural for inclusion given Frampton's work with the Rhythm Kings, and who is Wyman's favorite drummer?

"Biggest Mistake - Promotional CD"

Biggest Mistake II (radio edit) 3:33/Biggest Mistake I (album version) 4:07/Biggest Mistake III (instrumental) 4:07/Rough Justice 3:10

"Biggest Mistake - CD Single"

Biggest Mistake 4:07/Dance (pt. 1) (live) 6:01/Before They Make Me Run (live) 3:54

"Biggest Mistake - Red Vinyl Single"

"Paint It Black: Cover Tracks"

Let's Spend The Night Together 3:05 - David Bowie/Street Fighting Man 5:04 - Rod Stewart/Jumpin' Jack Flash 5:02 - Aretha Franklin/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 2:43 - Otis Redding/Tumbling Dice 3:04 - Linda Ronstadt/Honky Tonk Women 3:07 - Ike & Tina Turner/Sympathy For The Devil 5:49 - Bryan Ferry/Gimme Shelter 6:19 - Grand Funk Railroad/Paint It Black 3:45 - The Mighty Lemon Drops/Lady Jane 2:42 - Tony Merrick/Out Of Time 2:40 - The Ramones/Get Off Of My Cloud 2:55 - The Flying Pickets/19th Nervous Breakdown 3:43 - Jason & The Scorchers/Bitch 2:46 - eXodus/Dandelion 4:00 - Miranda Lee Richards/Wild Horses 3:33 - Leon Russell/Under My Thumb [unlisted track] 3:21 Tina Turner/Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) [Live] 3:43 - Quireboys/Dead Flowers 4:12 - Gilby Clarke

Comments: This one is cooler than most because there are serious well known artist contributing/compiled here and not just garage bands covering the Stones.

"The Rolling Stones Songbook - CD"


Blue Turns To Grey 2:58/Satisfaction 2:57/You Better Move On 3:11/Time Is On My Side 3:18/Heart Of Stone 3:06/As Tears Go By 2:34/Play With Fire 2:23/Theme For A Rolling Stone 3:15/Tell Me 4:02/Congratulations 3:02/The Last Time 3:47

Comment: For completists only. Heart of Stone is the controversial version that was sampled on the The Verve's 1997 hit "Bitter Sweet Symphony", which ABKCO won a royalty settlement. If you ask me, the song bares no resemblance to Heart of Stone, it certainly does sound like Bitter Sweet Symphony though...

"Black & Blue: Slip Sleeve Packaging"


Hot Stuff 5:21/Hand Of Fate 4:27/Cherry Oh Baby 3:57/Memory Motel 7:09/Hey Negrita 4:59/Melody 5:49/Fool To Cry 5:05/Crazy Mama 4:34

Comment: Virgin releases are now issued with a Lapping Tongue artwork slip sleeve logo.

"2006 Grammy Nominees: The Rolling Stones"

Feel Good Inc. 3:28 - Gorillaz Feat. De La Soul/Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 4:21 - Green Day/It's Like That 3:23 - Mariah Carey/Fine Line 3:06 - Paul McCartney/City Of Blinding Lights 4:13 - U2/Bless The Broken Road 3:42 - Rascal Flatts/Devils & Dust 4:51 - Bruce Springsteen/Ordinary People 4:33 - John Legend/Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 3:00 - Jack Johnson/Walk On By 3:13 - Seal/Lonely No More 3:46 - Rob Thomas/From The Bottom Of My Heart 3:55 - Stevie Wonder/Since U Been Gone 3:08 - Kelly Clarkson/Good Is Good 4:13 - Sheryl Crow/Speed Of Sound 4:21 - Coldplay/Best Of You 4:16 - Foo Fighters/Rain Fall Down 3:57 - The Rolling Stones/The Painter 4:00 - Neil Young/E-Pro 3:19 - Beck/Soul Meets Body 3:26 - Death Cab For Cutie/Do You Want To 3:34 - Franz Ferdinand

"Super Bowl XL Steelers - DVD"

Start Me Up
Rough Justice

Comment: The Rolling Stones halftime show!

"Stoned: The Original Rolling Stone - DVD"

Comment: The long anticipated Brian Jones movie. I liked it. Thing is, I know the story, so the characters don't require as much development for me to relate. It is quite factual based on the biographies I've read and the portrayals are very reasonable, so if you've had trouble visualizing the period then this movie would be helpful in putting things in perspective.

"John Lee Hooker & The Rolling Stones: Come And See About Me - DVD"

Includes Boogie Chillin' - Played live with John Lee Hooker and Eric Clapton On The "Steel Wheels Tour", Atlantic City, December 19, 1989.

"Hot Licks: Mick Taylor - Rock, Blues, & Slide Guitar - DVD"

"Hurricane-Katrina Contribution Concert Promo"


Hurricane 1:25

"Fan Club DVD"


Live Video Footage from: Bangalore, India April 4, 2003, Hong Kong, November 7, 2003, Band Interviews from April 4, 2003, Live From The Archives: Midnight Rambler-Bangalore/Angie-Hong Kong/Boogie Chillen' (w/ John Lee Hooker, Atlantic City, December 19, 1989)

Comment: Hey, Thanks! Interesting material as always on recent Stones DVD's. Packaged in a metal can.

"Fan Club-A Bigger Bang Poster"

"A Bigger Bang-microSD Flash Memory Edition!"

"Rain Fall Down-Maxi 7" Single"

(VS 1907 A-1/B-1)

Virgin/EMI Netherlands

Rain Fall Down ( Remix-Black Eyed Pea) /Rain Fall Down (Radio Edit) /Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle Heavy Disco Radio Edit)

Comment: This one signed by Jagger/Richards/Wood. Pressed on nice heavy black vinyl.

"Rain Fall Down-Promotional Advance CD-R"

Rain Fall Down 4:00

"Rain Fall Down-Promotional CD"


Virgin Records

Rain Fall Down (Will.I.Am Remix) 4:07/Rain Fall Down (Radio Edit) 4:02/Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle's 'Heavy Disco' Radio Edit) 4:05

"Rain Fall Down-Promotional CD"


Virgin/EMI Netherlands

Rain Fall Down ( Remix) 4:05/Rain Fall Down ( Instrumental) 4:05/Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle "Heavy Disco" Vocal Re-edit) 6:11/Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle "Heavy Disco" Dub Re-edit) 6:07/Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle "Heavy Disco" Radio Re-edit) 4:04/Rain Fall Down (Radio Edit of Album Version) 4:00

Comment: Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle "Heavy Disco" Vocal Re-edit) 6:11 is the same version as the 6:11 Ashley Beedle Edit found on the DVD release.

"Rain Fall Down-CD Single Japan)

(TOCP-40186 1)

EMI Music Netherlands

Rain Fall Down (Will.I.Am Remix) 4:07/Rain Fall Down (Radio Edit) 4:02/Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle's 'Heavy Disco' Radio Edit) 4:05

"Rain Fall Down-UK CD Single"


EMI Music Netherlands

Rain Fall Down (Will.I.Am Remix) 4:07/Rain Fall Down (Radio Edit) 4:02/Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle's 'Heavy Disco' Radio Edit) 4:05

Comment: In a full size CD jewel case.

"Rain Fall Down-12" Single"


Virgin Records America

"Oh No, Not You Again-Promotional"


Oh No, Not You Again (CleanVersion) 3:49/Oh No, Not You Again 3:47

"Rough Justice/Back Of My Hand/Streets Of Love-Promotional"


EMI Music Netherlands

Rough Justice 3:12/Back Of My Hand 3:34/Streets Of Love (Album Version) 5:09

"A Bigger Bang - Special Edition"

(E51027-07/01 & 30068.1A)

EMI Music Netherlands

Release Date: November 22, 2005

CD: Rough Justice 3:11/Let Me Down Slow 4:16/It Won't Take Long 3:54/Rain Fall Down 4:53/Streets Of Love 5:10/Back Of My Hand 3:32/She Saw Me Coming 3:12/Biggest Mistake 4:06/This Place Is Empty 3:16/Oh No, Not You Again 3:46/Dangerous Beauty 3:48/Laugh, I Nearly Died 4:54/Sweet Neo Con 4:33/Look What The Cat Dragged In 3:57/Driving Too Fast 3:56/Infamy 3:47

DVD: Introduction: Great interviews with band members & Don Was with commentary on many of the songs/TV: (Sound Stage) Productions of Street Of Love; Rough Justice/Bonus Tracks: Under The Radar 4:36; Don't Wanna Go Home 3:34/Remix: Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle Heavy Disco Vocal Edit) 6:11/Lyrics: All lyrics to "A Bigger Bang" CD/Music Video (& Commentary): Streets Of Love.

Comments: Really nice DVD production with all chapters containing areas of interest to fans, but you already have the music CD of course. As a loyal "customer" of everything Rolling Stones (and anything remotely related), I have a complaint: The music tracks CANNOT be played as audio. This is a big deal because I can't play the excellent new songs on iTunes or download to my iPod to play in the car or while I travel. What's up with that? The audio track files are not readable and are protected from direct digital copy. Nevertheless, these tracks can be had with moderate strength "extraction" software.

"A Bigger Bang - Special Edition Japan"

(TOCP-66440 4 & NVD-1105-S 6)

EMI Music Netherlands

Comments: Same content as above.



Virgin Benelux/America

Release Date: November 22, 2005

Fancy Man Blues 4:48 (From "Flashpoint + Collectables" CD & "Mixed Emotions" single CD and "Another Side Of Steel Wheels" CD-Maxi)/Tumbling Dice (Live - "Stripped" Documentary Version from the "Wild Horses" "Stripped" CD single) 4:02/Wild Horses (Live "Stripped" CD Version & Single Release) 5:10/Beast of Burden (Live - From "Flashpoint + Collectables" CD, LA 1981. Note: The live version is NOT found on "Sucking In The Seventies" as the liner notes state. It's a studio version) 5:06/Anyway You Look At It 4:20 (Yawn)/If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2 ) (From "Sucking In The Seventies" CD) 5:51/Miss You (Dance Version also on CD "Flashpoint + Collectables") 7:33 /Wish I’d Never Met You (also on maxi-CD single "Terrifying" and "Flashpoint + Collectables") 4:39/I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Live from "Highwire" CD single) 3:56/Mixed Emotions IV - 12" Remix (From "Mixed Emotions" single CD and "Another Side Of Steel Wheels" CD-Maxi) 6:13/Through The Lonely Nights - Stereo (B-side of It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 7" single) 4:13/Live With Me (Live from the "Wild Horses" "Stripped" era CD single) 3:48/Let It Rock 2:47 (Live at Leeds University, March 13, 1971 - Stereo) (Originally on UK "Brown Sugar" Maxi-7" and in Stereo on "Sticky Fingers" Spanish version) /Harlem Shuffle (NY Mix from vinyl 12" 45 rpm single "Harlem Shuffle" also with "London Mix") 5:49/Mannish Boy (Live From "Love You Live" & "Sucking In The Seventies" CDs. Hey, let's use our imaginations here. There were other great songs played at the El Mocambo!) 4:29/Thru and Thru (Live From "Four Flicks DVD" MSG 2003) 6:39

Comments: Well some of these B-Sides ain't so "Exotic". Most useful are stereo CD versions of Let It Rock and Through The Lonely Nights. Also Harlem Shuffle NY Mix previously only officially available on vinyl.

Original Sources for some the "Rarities" Compilation tracks

Chris' "34 Picks" - "Rarities"
(Suggestions for the Next Double CD Edition!)

CD 1 (1:14:58): Terrifying (12" Re-Mix-Edit on 3" CD EP) 6:58/So Young "Out Of Tears" Single 3:23/One Hit (To The Body) (London Mix only on 12'' 45 rpm single w/Steve Lillywhite on the remix) 7:00/Rock And A Hard Place (Dance Mix) 6:54/I'm Gonna Drive from the "Out Of Tears" Single 3:43/Jump On Top Of Me from the "You Got Me Rocking" single 4:24/Figi Jim (Count-In Version, Pathe Marconi Studio, Paris, France, January-March 1978) 3:58/Cook Cook Blues from the "Rock And A Hard Place" CD single and "Another Side Of Steel Wheels" (CD-Maxi) 4:12/Honest Man (Blue Wave Studios, Barbados, April-May 1993) 4:21/Drift Away (Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany, January 1974) 4:09/Dance Little Sister (El Mocambo, March 1977) 3:09. The performance should be released in it's entirety. There was no need to mix-in Paris '76 arena shows on "Love You Live" in my opinion/Out Of Control (In The Hands of Fluke Mix from German "Out Of Control" CD single) 8:28/Angie (Forest National, Brussels, Belgium, October 17, 1973) 4:34/Satisfaction (Leeds University, March 13, 1971) 5:12/Little Quennie (Leeds University, March 13, 1971) 4:24

CD 2 (1:19:38): Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle Edit) 6:11/You Got Me Rocking (Perfecto Mix) 5:01/Under The Radar 4:36/Claudine (Fast Version, Pathe Marconi Studio, Paris, France, January-March 1978) 3:33/Don't Wanna Go Home 3:34/Ivy League (Blue Wave Studios, Barbados, April-May 1993) 3:13/Dancing Girls (Compass Point Studio, Nassau, Bahamas, January-February 1979) 4:15/Winning Ugly VI 7:47 (From "Flashpoint + Collectables" CD)/You Got Away With Murder (Blue Wave Studios, Barbados, April-May 1993) 4:42/Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Remix) 5:04/Zip Mouth Angel (Blue Wave Studios, Barbados, April-May 1993) 3:32/Don't Lie To Me (Fort Worth, Texas, June 24, 1972, 2nd Show) 2:27/Honest I Do "Stripped" version from the "Hope Floats" soundtrack 3:56/All Mixed Up (Pathe Marconi Studio, Paris, France, November-December 1982) 6:37/We Had It All (Keith Richards vocal, Pathe Marconi Studio, Paris, France, June-October 1979) 2:52/Brown Sugar (Jagger vocal & electric guitar solo backstage MSG, November 1969)/Thru and Thru (Oakland Arena, November 12, 2002 - Superior version to the "Rarities" pick) 6:12 /Little Baby "Stripped" 1995 4:00/Hurricane 1:25 (Keith & Ronnie acoustic. Given away with donations to the Katrina hurricane fund at certain "A Bigger Bang" Tour venues)

PS: I can do the liner notes too!

"The Strat Pack - Celebrating 50 Years Of The Fender Stratocaster - DVD"


Eagle Vision Entertainment

Ronnie Wood on: Ooh La La - With Gibson acoustic no less / Stay With Me - All Star Closing Jam

Comments: Fantastic. Also Leah Wood on backing vocals.

"Les Paul & Friends"


Capitol Records

Keith Richards on: Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl 4:01 w/Buddy Guy and Rick Derringer

"Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings Live"


Ripple Records Ltd.

Berlin, Germany, June 15, 2004

I Got A Woman 4:49/Jump, Jive And Wail 4:16/Baby Workout 3:37/If I Can't Have You 4:29/Jitterbug Boogie 3:47/Bright Lights, Big City 5:40/Muleskinner Blues 5:32/You Never Can Tell 4:22/Taxman 4:04/Race With The Devil 2:45/I Shall Not Be Moved 6:06/Disappearing Nightly 4:23/Flatfoot Sam 4:14/I'll Be Satisfied 3:25/Let's Talk It Over 3:30/Wild One (Real Wild Child) 3:33/Roll 'Em Pete 4:30

"Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: "Live In Berlin"

Promotional CD-R

I Got A Woman 4:49/Jump, Jive And Wail 4:16/Baby Workout 3:37/If I Can't Have You 4:29/Jitterbug Boogie 3:47/Bright Lights, Big City 5:40/Muleskinner Blues 5:32/You Never Can Tell 4:22/Taxman 4:04/Race With The Devil 2:45/I Shall Not Be Moved 6:06/Disappearing Nightly 4:23/Flatfoot Sam 4:14/I'll Be Satisfied 3:25/Let's Talk It Over 3:30/Wild One (Real Wild Child) 3:33/Roll 'Em Pete 4:30

"The Rolling Clones"

(U00722-04 A)

Rocksruff Records

Brown Sugar 3:47/Under My Thumb 3:44/It's Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It) 5:01/Angie 4:36/Honky Tonk Woman 3:12/Time Is On My Side 3:01/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:56/As Tears Go By 3:05/Start Me Up 3:45/Gimme Shelter 4:40/Sympathy For The Devil 5:58/You Can't Always Get What You Want 6:42/Jumpin Jack Flash 3:42/2000 Light Years From Home 4:34/(Bonus Track) Memo From Turner 3:57

Comments: Campy. All acoustic versions.

"Bossa n' Stones"

(MB9729 ARG)

Music Brokers, Argentina

Fool To Cry 3:56/Let's Spend The Night Together 3:53/Out Of Time 3:48/Sympathy For The Devil (Pleased Remix) 3:59/Under My Thumb 2:46/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:32 /Harlem Shuffle (Favela Remix) 3:59/Ruby Tuesday (The Dubby Mix) 4:26/Angie 3:41/Miss You (Back 2 Remixes) 4:27/Start Me Up - Brown Sugar (Remix) 4:36/Wild Horses 4:49

Comments: The Girl From Ipanema meets The Rolling Stones. Unbelievable.

"A Bigger Bang - Long Player Vinyl"

(V3012 A-2/B-1/C-1/D-1)

Side 1: Rough Justice 3:13/Let Me Down Slow 4:16/It Won't Take Long 3:54/Rain Fall Down 4:53
Side 2: Streets Of Love 5:10/Back Of My Hand 3:32/She Saw Me Coming 3:12/Biggest Mistake 4:06
Side 3: This Place Is Empty 3:16/Oh No, Not You Again 3:46/Dangerous Beauty 3:48/Laugh, I Nearly Died 4:54
Side 4: Sweet Neo Con 4:33/Look What The Cat Dragged In 3:57/Driving Too Fast 3:56/Infamy 3:47

"Streets Of Love CD Single - Japan"

(TOCP-40182 1)


Streets Of Love 5:10/Rough Justice 3:13

"Streets Of Love CD Single"


Virgin E.U. Netherlands

Streets Of Love 5:10/Rough Justice 3:13

"Streets Of Love CD Single"


Virgin E.U. Netherlands: Promotional

Streets Of Love (Radio Edit) 4:04/Streets Of Love 5:11/Rough Justice 3:11

Comments: Note that extra caution was taken on this advance release to ensure copy protection. The disc calls up it's own "player" application (PC .exe & Mac Classic & OS X compatible).

"Streets Of Love b/w Rough Justice: Picture Sleeve"

(VS 1905 A-1/B-1)

Virgin E.U. Netherlands

"A Bigger Bang"

Virgin Records-Toshiba EMI: Japan

Rough Justice 3:13/Let Me Down Slow 4:16/It Won't Take Long 3:54/Rain Fall Down 4:53/Streets Of Love 5:10/Back Of My Hand 3:32/She Saw Me Coming 3:12/Biggest Mistake 4:06/This Place Is Empty 3:16/Oh No, Not You Again 3:46/Dangerous Beauty 3:48/Laugh, I Nearly Died 4:53/Sweet Neo Con 4:33/Look What The Cat Dragged In 3:57/Driving Too Fast 3:56/Infamy 3:48

Comment: No Bonus Material.

"A Bigger Bang"


Virgin Records

Release Date: September 6, 2005

Rough Justice 3:11/Let Me Down Slow 4:16/It Won’t Take Long 3:54/Rain Fall Down 4:53/Streets Of Love 5:10/Back Of My Hand 3:32/She Saw Me Coming 3:12/Biggest Mistake 4:06/This Place Is Empty 3:16/Oh No, Not You Again 3:46/Dangerous Beauty 3:48/Laugh, I Nearly Died 4:54/Sweet Neo Con 4:33/Look What The Cat Dragged In 3:57/Driving Too Fast 3:56/Infamy 3:47

Comment: Hey, this is a good effort. 10 songs made it to my favorite mixes for the car. Compare it after a listen to their previous release "Bridges To Babylon", no comparison really.

"Tim Ries: The Rolling Stones Project"

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 6:19/Honky Tonk Women (Organ Trio) 4:33/Slippin’ Away 6:41/Street Fighting Man 7:02/Wild Horses 8:01 (Norah Jones)/Waiting on a Friend 7:11/Paint It, Black 10:06/Honky Tonk Women (Keith’s Version) 5:33/Ruby Tuesday 3:50/Gimme Shelter 8:39/Belleli 5:25

Comment: The Stones' tour saxophone player does their songs Charlie Watts style (jazzy).

"No Stone Unturned"

Mick Taylor "14 Below": Sweet Home Chicago 5:25/Coastin' Home 5:10/I Wonder Why 9:19/You Gotta Move 8:26/You Shook Me 13:02/Can't You Hear Me Knockin' 11:43

Ron Wood: "live and eclectic": Show Me 3:46/Flying 4:36/Testify 5:40/Pretty Beat Up 4:42/Always Wanted More 5:34/Breath On Me 6:36/Silicone Grown 3:34/Black Limousine 4:50/Little Red Rooster 5:58/Stay With Me 4:03/Josephine 5:28/I Know I'm Losing You 3:58/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 5:21

Comments: Two previously released solo efforts from a former and current guitar player of The Rolling Stones. Both in original/current packaging, except in a carboard sleeve as seen above. Who woulda thunk it? Battle of the bands!

"Return To Sin City: DVD"

Released March 22, 2005

Six Days On The Road - Sin City All Stars/Big Mouth Blues - Jim Lauderdale/Drug Store Truck Driving Man - Jay "Son Volt" Farrar 3:34/Devil In Disguise - Jay Farrar 3:46/Hot Burrito No. 1 - Raul Malo 3:46/Still Feeling Blue - Jim James 2:47/Hot Burrito #2 - John Doe 3:08/We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning - John Doe & Kathleen Edwards/Do Right Woman - Susan Marshall/Luxury Liner - Steve Earl 3:24/My Uncle - Steve Earl/Sleepless Nights - Lucinda Williams/A Song For You - Lucinda Williams 6:52/Wheels - Dwight Yokam 4:09/Sin City - Dwight Yokam/She - Norah Jones 6:56/Love Hurts - Keith Richards & Norah Jones 5:30/Hickory Wind - Keith Richards 4:18/In My Hour Of Darkness - Susan Marshall & The House Of Blues Gospel Choir/Wild Horses - All 6:43/Ooh Las Vegas - All 5:41

Comments: Awesome, Fantastic! Thank you Polly Parsons.

"Sucking In The Seventies"

Virgin Records

Shattered 3:45/Everything Is Turning To Gold 4:06/Hot Stuff (edit) 3:30/Time Waits For No One (edit) 4:25/Fool To Cry (edit) 4:06/Mannish Boy (live, edit) 4:37/When The Whip Comes Down (live version) 4:24/If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2) 5:50/Crazy Mama (edit) 4:06/Beast Of Burden (edit) 3:29

Comment: First issue of this compilation on Virgin. Your old out-of-print CBS copy ain't worth what it used to be.

"Made In The Shade"

Virgin Records

Brown Sugar 3:50/Tumbling Dice 3:43/Happy 3:03/Dance Little Sister 4:10/Wild Horses 5:40/Angie 4:32/Bitch 3:36/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 5:08/Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 3:26/Rip This Joint 2:24

Comment: First issue of this compilation on Virgin. Your old out-of-print CBS copy ain't worth what it used to be.

"Just For A Thrill: Bill Wyman"

Ripple Records/Fuel 2000 Records

Disappearing Nightly 3:45/Roll ‘Em Pete 3:30/Down Home Girl 3:58/Mississippi Flyer 3:37/That’s How Heartaches Are Made 3:14/Booty Ooty 4:43/Cadillac Woman 3:29/Town Living 3:54/This Ain’T United Nations 5:00/Memphis Woman 3:17/Taxman 4:09/Just For A Thrill 3:14/Cry Baby 4:17/You Don’T Know 2:48/Hit The Road Jack (Live) 14:49/Georgia On My Mind (Live) 5:48

Comment: Hey, rock-a-billy and rock 'n' roll. An honest effort as always.

"Watts At Scott's: Charlie Watts Tentet"

Sanctuary Records

CD 1: Main Stem 10:05/Bemsha Swing 9:35/Anthony’s Dice 8:06/Roll ‘em Charlie 7:34/What’s New? 8:15/Body and Soul 4:21/Here’s That Rainy Day 9:05/Tin Tin Deo 11:59
CD 2: Sunset And The Mockingbird 7:09/Little Willie Leaps 9:57/Airto II 11:33/Chasing Reality 2:49/Faction & Band Introduction 11:17/Elvin’s Song 16:12/Take the "A" Train 5:08

Comment: Well, this is jazz music.

"Stones Grass"

Synergy Entertainment

Sittin' On A Fence 2:59/Brown Sugar 3:46/Paint It Black 3:53/Ruby Tuesday 2:39 Various Artists Stones Grass Folk 2005
19th Nervous Breakdown 3:28/Angie 3:49/2000 Man 2:59/Play With Fire 2:06/The Spider And The Fly 3:22/Dead Flowers 3:59/Cool, Calm & Collected 4:29/Wild Horses 5:26

Comment: Well, these are renditions in the Blue Grass genre (banjo, guitar, mandolin, & fiddle)

"The Rolling Stones - A Tribute"

Legacy Entertainment Inc.

Paint It Black 3:14/19th Nervous Breakdown 3:52/Ruby Tuesday 3:11/You Can't Always Get What You Want 4:56/Brown Sugar 3:52/Not Fade Away 1:41/Wild Horses 5:38/Let's Spend The Night Together 3:07/Angie 4:43/Get Off Of My Cloud 3:20/As Tears Go By 2:39/Fool To Cry 5:14

Comment: Performed by Stars At Studio 99. Not bad, not bad at all. Maybe more interested in Stones music than the Stones.

"Live Aid DVD: M. Jagger, K. Richards, & R. Wood Solo)"

Warner Music Vision

4 DVD's

JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, July 13, 1985

DVD 4: Mick Jagger & Tina Turner: Just Another Night/Miss You/State Of Shock/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
Bob Dylan, Ron Wood, & Keith Richards: Blowing In The Wind
Extras - Mick Jagger & David Bowie: Dancing In The Streets

Comment: No Led Zeppelin segment. They didn't want it included!
On the Stones side, just plain sacrilege. Jagger doing Stones songs with the Hall & Oates band, Keith & Ronnie unrehearsed with Dylan. Man, it looked like the end to me in 1985 (I have a first generation tape of the Stones segments from '85 whoo...).

"Live Licks: US Covered Top Version"

Virgin Records

Release Date: November 2, 2004

CD 1: Brown Sugar 3:50/Street Fighting Man 3:43/Paint It, Black 3:44/You Can't Always Get What You Want 6:45 (Sloppy splice from mid-tempo center section to up-tempo finish)/Start Me Up 4:02/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 4:54/Angie 3:29/Honky Tonk Women 3:24/Happy 3:37/Gimme Shelter 6:50/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 4:54

CD 2: Neighbors 3:40/Monkey Man 3:40/Rocks Off 3:41 (There is a very sloppy and careless splice in this song after the vocal bridge. IT NEEDS TO BE REDONE)/Can't You Hear Me Knocking 10:02/That's How Strong My Love Is 4:44/The Nearness of You 4:34/Beast of Burden 4:08/When the Whip Comes Down 4:28/Rock Me, Baby 3:50/You Don't Have to Mean It 4:34/Worried About You 6:00/Everybody Needs Somebody to Love 6:34

"Live Licks: Japan - Uncovered Top"

EMI/Virgin Records

CD 2: Japan Only Bonus Track - If You Can't Rock Me 2:48

"Live Licks: Sampler"

Virgin Records Promotional

Brown Sugar 3:48/Paint It Black 3:44/You Can't Always Get What You Want 6:45/Honky Tonk Women 3:28/Gimme Shelter 6:52/Monkey Man 3:44/Beast Of Burrden 4:11/Can't You Hear Me Knocking 10:06/The Nearness Of You 4:36/Rocks Off 4:06

"Alfie Movie Single - EU Edition"

Old Habits Die Hard 4:29
New York Hustle 2:44

"Alfie Movie Soundtrack"

Virgin Records

Old Habits Die Hard 4:27/Blind Leading The Blind (Acoustic) 5:57/New York Hustle 2:44/Let's Make It Up 4:28/Wicked Time 4:18 Joss Stone And Nadirah "Nadz" Seld, Additional Vocals By Mick Jagger/Lonely Without You (This Christmas) 2:37 Mick Jagger And Joss Stone/Darkness Of Your Love 3:41 Gary "Mudbone" Cooper And Dave Stewart/Jack The Lad 3:17 Mick Jagger/Oh Nikki 1:16 Mick Jagger And Dave Stewart/Blind Leading The Blind 4:28/Standing In The Rain 3:29 Joss Stone/Counting The Days 3:12 Joss Stone/Old Habits (Reprise) 2:11 Joss Stone/Alfie 4:22 Joss Stone/Old Habits Die Hard (Bonus Track) 4:28 Mick Jagger And Dave Stewart (Featuring Sheryl Crow)

"Alfie Movie Soundtrack: Cardboard Sleeve"

Virgin Records Promotional

Old Habits Die Hard 4:27/Blind Leading The Blind [Live Acoustic Version] 5:57/New York Hustle 2:43/Let's Make It Up 4:28/Wicked Time 4:18/Lonely Without You (This Christmas) 2:37/Darkness Of Your Love 3:41/Jack The Lad 3:17/Oh Nikki 1:16/Blind Leading The Blind 4:28/Standing In The Rain 3:29/Counting The Days 3:12/Old Habits Reprise 2:11/Alfie 4:20

"Rock And Roll Circus DVD"

"Jump Back - US Edition"

Virgin Records

Start Me Up 3:34/Brown Sugar 3:49/Harlem Shuffle 3:24/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It) 5:08/Mixed Emotions 4:00/Angie 4:32/Tumbling Dice 3:46/Fool To Cry 4:06/Rock And A Hard Place 4:11/Miss You 3:36/Hot Stuff 3:29/Emotional Rescue 5:40/Respectable 3:07/Beast Of Burden 3:29/Waiting On A Friend 4:35/Wild Horses 5:43/Bitch 3:37/Undercover Of The Night 4:33

Comment: Many edited and short versions to get more tracks on the single CD as on the original import. The cover shown is a plastic sleeve with original artwork on the cover and inlay underneath.

"Five Guys Walk Into A Bar..." Faces - Ronnie Wood

Rhino Records

CD 1: Flying 4:18/On the Beach 4:19/Too Bad 3:15/If I'm on the Late Side 2:39/Debris 4:36/Jealous Guy [Outtake] 6:44/Evil [Rehearsal Take] 6:38/As Long As You Tell Him 4:20/Maggie May [Live BBC] 5:32/Cindy Incidentally [Alternate Mix] 2:46/Maybe I'm Amazed [Live BBC] 6:12/Insurance [Outtake] 4:04/I Came Looking for You [Rehearsal Take] (Ronnie Lane & Ian McLagan) 3:16/Last Orders Please 2:36/Wyndlesham Bay (Jodie) [Outtake] 3:08/I Can Feel the Fire [Live] 5:38/Tonight's Number (Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane) 3:14/Come See Me Baby (The Cheater) [Outtake] 4:19

CD 2: Pool Hall Richard 4:25/You're My Girl (I Don't Want to Discuss it) (Live/BBC) 5:21/Glad and Sorry 3:07/Shake, Shudder, Shiver (Rehearsal) 3:39/Miss Judy's Farm (Live/BBC) 4:38/Richmond 3:03/That's All You Need 5:07/Rear Wheel Skid 4:45/Maybe I'm Amazed 3:39/(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to be Right 4:54/Take a Look at the Guy (Live) 4:53/Flags and Banners 2:02/Bad 'n' Ruin (Live/BBC) 5:25/Around the Plynth 5:55/Sweet Lady Mary 5:51/Had Me a Real Good Time 5:53/Cut Across Shorty (Live/BBC) 6:25

CD 3: You're so Rude 3:43/(I Know) I'm Losing You [Live BBC] 7:07/Love Lives Here 3:06/I'd Rather Go Blind [Live] 6:03/Hi-Heel Sneakers - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love 5:08/Gettin' Hungry 5:12/Silicone Grown 3:08/Oh Lord I'm Browned Off 3:50/Just Another Honky 3:34/Open to Ideas 3:59/Skewiff (Mend the Fuse) 5:16/Too Bad [Live] 5:53/Rock Me 4:41/Angel [Live BBC] 4:16/Stay With Me [Live BBC] 5:50/Ooh La La 3:31

CD 4: The Stealer [Live BBC] 3:17/Around the Plynth - Gasoline Alley [Live BBC] 7:34/You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything (Even Take The Dog For A Walk, Mend A Fuse, Fold Away The Ironing Board, Or Any Other Domestic Short Comings) 4:31/I Wish It Would Rain [Live] 4:45/Miss Judy's Farm [Live BBC] 4:00/Love in Vain [Live BBC] 8:22/My Fault [Live BBC] 3:23/I Feel So Good [Rehearsal] 6:27/Miss Judy's Farm 3:41/Three Button Hand Me Down 5:46/Cindy Incidentally 2:39/Borstal Boys 2:54/Flying [Live BBC] 3:58/Bad 'n' Ruin 5:25/Dishevelment Blues 4:58/Stay With Me 4:40

Comments: Fantastic. A must for Ronnie Wood, Rod Stewart, and Faces fans. Genuine studio outtakes of stuff previously only heard on unauthorized live shows. Rare single-only tracks too. A labor of love by people who knew what they were doing (Ian McLagan!).

"Toronto Rocks - DVD"

Rhino/Warner Brothers

Stones Tracks: Start Me Up (4:07)/Ruby Tuesday (3:07)/Miss You (6:09)/Rock Me Baby (w/Angus & Malcolm Young) (6:15)/Satisfaction (7:43)/Jumpin' Jack Flash (6:04)

Comments: Well, this title was also used for two different unauthorized CD's.

"The Singles 1968-1971"


Box Set

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:38/Child Of The Moon 3:12 (Mono)
2. Street Fighting Man 3:09/No Expectations 3:55/Surprise Surprise 2:31/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 5:03 (UK long version)
3. Honky Tonk Women 3:01/You Can't Always Get What You Want 4:49 (Single edit version!)
4. Memo From Turner 4:08/Natural Magic 1:39
5. Brown Sugar 3:49 /Bitch 3:36 (Stereo)
6. Wild Horses 5:44/Sway 3:47 (Stereo LP take of Sway, NOT the alternate take from the original SINGLE VERSION, that would just be too cool)
7. I Don't Know Why 3:01/Try A Little Harder 2:17 (Stereo)
8. Out Of Time 3:21/Jiving Sister Fanny 3:20 (Stereo)
9. Sympathy For The Devil (Original Recording) 6:18/Sympathy For The Devil (Neptunes Remix) 5:55/Sympathy For The Devil (Fatboy Slim Remix) 8:25/Sympathy For The Devil (Full Phatt Remix) 5:33
10. DVD: Time Is On My Side (B&W Ed Sullivan)/Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadow? (Promo)/Jumpin' Jack Flash (Promo with alternate vocal and extended keyboard ending. Note: NOT the yeah, yeah, hey, hey vesion)/Sympathy For The Devil (Neptune remix video)

The Singles Collection Includes a Fold-Out Poster (From Hyde Park, 1969)

"The Singles 1965-1967"


Box Set

Picture Cards and Booklet. More mini-picture sleeve reproductions with CD singles. From Satisfaction to In Another Land. Of course you can always look at the originals on this web site!

"The Singles 1963-1965"


Box Set

Picture Cards and Booklet. Reproductions of 8 CD singles representing the Early US Picture Sleeves, and UK single issues.

"Four Flicks"

Metropolis DVD

DVD 1 - Chapters: "Extras", "Tip Of The Tongue", "Licks Around The World" (22:03), "Select-a-Stone", "The Bootlegs" - Titles: Beast Of Burdon (5:20)/You Don't Have To Mean It (4:26)/Rock Me Baby (4:16)/Bitch (4:00)/I Can't Turn You Loose (7:22)/Extreme Western Groove (3:04 - Remember STP '72 Rehearsals?)/Well, Well (3:01 - Remember "Jamming With Edward?)

DVD 2 - Chapters: "Band Commentaries", "Custom Set Lists", "Sheryl Crow & The Stones", "Making The HBO Special", "Play Concert With Extras" - New York, Madison Square Garden, January 18, 2003: Introduction/Street Fighting Man/If You Can't Rock Me/Don't Stop/Monkey Man/Angie/Let It Bleed/Midnight Rambler/Thru And Thru/Happy/You Got Me Rocking/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/Honky Tonk Women/Satisfaction/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll/When The Whip Comes Down/Brown Sugar/Jumpin' Jack Flash

DVD 3 - Chapters: "The Concert", "Songs", "Extras" - Titles: Band Commentaries, Custom Set Lists, AC/DC And The Stones, Jumbotron Animation, Play Concert With Extras, "Setup", This DVD" - London, Twickenham Stadium, August 24, 2003: Brown Sugar/You Got Me Rocking/Rocks Off/Wild Horses/You Can't Always Get What You Want/Paint It Black/Tumbling Dice/Slipping Away/Sympathy For The Devil/Star Star/I Just Want To Make Love To You/Street Fighting Man/Gimme Shelter/Honky Tonk Women/Satisfaction/Jumpin' Jack Flash

DVD 4 - Chapters: "The Concert", "Songs", Extras" - Titles: Band Commentaries, Custom Set Lists, Playing The Olympia, July 11, 2003, Select-a-Stone: Angie, "This DVD" - Paris, Olympia Theater: Start Me Up/Live With Me/Neighbors/Hand Of Fate/No Expectations/Worried About You/Heartbreaker/Stray Cat Blues/Dance Pt. 1/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/That's How Strong My Love Is/Going To A Go Go/The Nearness Of You/Before They Make Me Run/Love Train/Respectable/Honky Tonk Women/Brown Sugar/Jumpin' Jack Flash

Comments: GREAT! Fold Out Digi-Packaging, Interviews, Music Selection... Very Interesting, very well done. Thank You Kindly. Note: Soundtrack files are .PCM's and not native AC3's ;-)

"The Old Grey Whistle Test"

Warner Brothers/BBC Video DVD

Comment: Jagger is interviewed by Richards Williams (6:08) on the making of "Exile On Main St." amongst other things.

"Can't You Hear The Wind Howl?"

Shout! Factory DVD

Comment: Excellent summary of the life and music of Robert Johnson. Includes interviews with Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and most importantly those who knew him personally such as Johnny Shines, Robert Jr. Lockwood, and Honeyboy Edwards (said to be present at the time of his death from poisoning).

"Sympathy For The Devil"


Comment: Chapters easily separate the music from the rest of the movie. Of course, I did this years ago on tape. The biggest problem is the so called "Special Features" section: Neptunes Remix Video & Movie Trailer? You mean to tell me there is nothing on the cutting floor that was more interesting than the movie trailer? What a disappointment. Pathetic really.

"Sympathy For The Devil 12" Remixes"


ABKCO Promotional

Side A: Sympathy for The Devil - The Neptunes Remix
Side B: Sympathy for The Devil - Fatboy Slim Remix
Side C: Sympathy for The Devil - Full Phatt Remix
Side D: Sympathy for The Devil - Original Version

"Sympathy For The Devil 7" Remix"

(B386 755-01 A1/B1)

Side A: Sympathy for The Devil - The Neptunes Radio Edit

Side B: Sympathy for The Devil - Original Version

"Sympathy For The Devil Radio Remixes"

ABKCO Promotional

1. Sympathy for The Devil - Neptunes Radio (3:50)
2. Sympathy for The Devil - Fatboy Slim Radio (3:59)

"Sympathy For The Devil Remix - UK CD"

1. Sympathy for The Devil - The Neptunes Radio Edit (4:04)
2. Sympathy for The Devil - Fatboy Slim Full Length Remix (8:22)
3. Sympathy for The Devil - Original (6:27)
4. Sympathy for The Devil - Neptunes Video (Enhanced CD)

"Sympathy For The Devil Remix - CD"

1.Sympathy for The Devil - The Neptunes-Radio Remix (4:06)
2. Sympathy for The Devil - The Neptunes-Full Length Remix (5:55)
3. Sympathy for The Devil - Fatboy Slim-Radio Remix (4:16)
4. Sympathy for The Devil - Fatboy Slim-Full Length Remix (8:25)
5. Sympathy for The Devil - Full Phatt-Radio Remix (3:47)
6. Sympathy for The Devil - Full Phatt-Full Length Remix (5:36)
7. Sympathy For The Devil-Original (6:17)

"Exile On Blues St."


Telarc Blues CD-82571

Ventilator Blues - Lucky Peterson/All Down The Line - Christine Ohlman/Rip This Joint - Tommy Castro/Sweet Black Angel - Jeff Lang/Sweet Virginia - Jeff Lang/Tumbling Dice - Andrea Re/Shake Your Hips - Tab Benoit/Shine A Light - Joe Louis Walker/Happy - Deborah Coleman/Rocks Off - Jimmy Thackery

Comment: This record cannot and has not been surpassed; even by the Stones themselves. So what's the point? This just makes me want to pull out the real thing and play for the 256,157th time. And guess what? I'll probably hear something I've never noticed before buried in the mud of the mix from the Nelcote basement.

"String Quartet Tribute To The Rolling Stones"


Vitamin Records CD-8689

As Tears Go By/Paint It Black/Under My Thumb/2000 Light Years From Home/Ruby Tuesday/Angie/Play With Fire/She's So Cold/Waiting On A Friend/Emotional Rescue/Wild Horses/Listen To Me (Original Composition)

Comments: Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass players; everybody's gotta make a buck off the Stones 40 years in ROCK 'N' ROLL!

"New Licks - A Tribute To The Rolling Stones"


Reverberations Label RVB 33749

Get Off My Cloud - Nikki Boyer/Ruby Tuesday - Erin Alden/Wild Horses - Leslie King/Gimme Shelter - Samantha Newark/Time Is On My Side - Leslie King & Marmalade/Satisfaction - Bridgett Academy/Under My Thumb - Meg Eisenberg/Mother's Little Helper - Susannah Blinkhoff/You Can't Always Get What You Want - Corky Blueberry/Let's Spend The Night Together - Maurren Mahon/Sympathy For The Devil - Reyo Bikkin/19th Nervous Breakdown - Wendy Gervy

Comments: All lady singers and all acoustic arrangements. The arrangements and adaptations are well done for the most part. Some of the lyrics are not correct though...

"Just For The Record"

5 DVD Documentary of the The Rolling Stones by Decade

Comments: This is well done. Not one of those cheap commentaries. Interviews with Mick Taylor, Anita Pallenberg, Andy Johns, & David Dalton to name a few. Technical detail by J. Karnbach.

"Peter Wolf ( J. Geils Band): Sleepless"

Nothing But The Wheel - M. Jagger Vocal/Harp

Too Close Together - K. Richards Vocal/Guitar

"Reggae Rocks: A Reggae Tribute To The Rolling Stones"

"Goldmember Movie Soundtrack"

Features Dr. Dre Remix of Miss You

"Forty Licks: China Edition"


"Forty Licks: Hardcover Book Edition"

Comment: Really nice packaging concept, just that I would have picked much better shots...

"Forty Licks: With Interview Disc"

Virgin 724381337820

Comment: Standard 2 CD set plus a third interview CD packaged in a second wrapper and cardboard sleeve.

"Forty Licks: Old Style Long Box"

"Forty Licks: Korean Edition"

Thick 2CD Style Packaging!

"Forty Licks: Collector's Edition"

"Forty Licks: Green Shades"

"Forty Licks: Box Set Edition"

ABKCO Records (CD1) & Virgin Music (CD2), October 1, 2002

Includes large color booklet and poster!

Klein & Jagger split the December 1969, Muscle Shoals songs. Wild Horses on CD1 and the hit Brown Sugar on Disc 2! It's great that the two labels were able to come to agreement on a truly representative greatest hits/works package. They have been rewarded with #2 placement on the charts (behind Elvis!).

"Forty Licks"

ABKCO Records & Virgin Music, October 1, 2002

Four new songs included:

Don't Stop

Keys To Your Love

Stealing My Heart

Losing My Touch - K. Richards: The soul in Rock 'n' Roll

Good songs, but not real collaboration between the two songwriters.

Jagger lyrics and musical bridges in Open G.

"Four New Licks"


1. Don't Stop(New Rock Remix)
2. Don't Stop (Album Version)
3. Keys To Your Love
4. Stealing My Heart
5.Losing My Touch

"Ten Licks From Forty Licks"


Satisfaction/Get Off My Cloud/Ruby Tuesday/Paint It Black/Gimme Shelter/Brown Sugar/Happy/Miss You/Start Me Up/Don't Stop

"Forty Licks Sampler"


Satisfaction/Get Off My Cloud/Ruby Tuesday/Paint It Black/Gimme Shelter/Brown Sugar/Happy/Miss You/Start Me Up/Don't Stop

Comment: Same song list at "Ten Licks". Digipack.

"Forty Licks Fan Club CD Sampler"

Concert Promotional

"Don't Stop - Single"


European Union Release

1. Don't Stop (Edit) 3:29
2. Don't Stop (New Rock Mix) 4:00
3. Miss You (Remix) 8:35 version

"Moonlight Mile"

Sony/Epic Movie Soundtrack (EK 86874)

Moonlight Mile

"Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings" DVD

Ohne Filter Musik Germany

Recorded in Germany April 26, 2000

"Billy Preston Live European Tour"

A&M Records Japan 1974 (2002)

Mick Taylor Performs with Billy Preston Live in Europe 1973. The long awaited release in CD format.

"Little Feat: Waiting For Columbus"

Rhino/Warner Brothers 1978 (2002)

Mick Taylor plays on A Apolitical Blues. The long awaited release in CD format.

"The Concert For New York City" DVD

Columbia Music Video/Miramax

January 2002

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

Salt Of The Earth

Miss You

"The Concert For New York City"

Columbia Records

December 2001

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

Miss You

Salt Of The Earth

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