The Rolling Stones - Commercial - Official Releases

"Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - 40th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set"


Sound Quality: Best Ever Excellent Stereo Soundboard with Tons of 1970 Studio Overdubbing Baggage, Including Compression and Electronic Artifacts.

CD 1: "Original Release" (DIDX-241005) Jumpin' Jack Flash 4:03/Carol 3:46/Stray Cat Blues 3:47/Love In Vain 4:56/Midnight Rambler 9:04/Sympathy For The Devil 6:52/Live With Me 3:03/Little Queenie 4:33/Honky Tonk Women 3:34/Street Fighting Man 4:04

Sound Quality: Unbelievable!

CD 2: "Unreleased Tracks" (DIDX-241006)
Prodigal Son 4:04 -
Madison Square Garden, New York City, November 28, 1969, 2nd Show
You Gotta Move 2:19-
Madison Square Garden, New York City, November 28, 1969, 2nd Show
Under My Thumb 3:38
- Madison Square Garden, New York City, November 27, 1969/
I'm Free 2:48 (Medley) - Madison Square Garden, New York City, November 27, 1969
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 5:39
- Madison Square Garden, New York City, November 28, 1969, 1st Show

Comment: This little teaser of an EP contains songs played at New York 1969 shows that were not included on the original release. Too bad we didn't get a whole unedited show in this quality. I can tell you this, if we had, it would have eclipsed the original "Ya-Ya's" in greatness because the sound of an excellent raw/pristine 1969 Glyn Johns' New York show matched with today's digital mastering results in this sensational sample of dynamic range, instrument separation, and clarity. The sound is absolutely mind blowing. It sounds a hundred times better than the 1970 vintage overdubbing that still makes up the fundamental "Ya-Ya's" recording. The band is really tight, more so than aged and overdubbed "baseline" Ya-Ya's recording could ever convey. The Under My Thumb-I'm Free medley is the same as versions found on the original LP's "Play With Fire" and "Stoned - MSG". When I was listening to this for the first time I recognized it right away. I knew what to expect and hearing the distinct guitar arpeggios and instrumentation really contrasted what I was used to listening to for so many years. This is what a reissue should do, make something that you like and recognize sound sensationally great.

Sound Quality: Excellent Stereo Soundboard. It'll knock your socks off!

CD 3: "B.B. King and Ike & Tina Turner Sets" (DIDX-241007) Everyday I Have The Blues 2:27/How Blue Can You Get 5:31/That's Wrong Little Mama 4:11/Why I Sing The Blues 5:17/Please Accept My Love 4:53 (B.B. King)/Gimme Some Loving 0:50/Sweet Soul Music 1:17/Son Of A Preacher Man 2:50/Proud Mary 3:07/I've Been Loving You Too Long 5:41/Come Together 3:36/Land Of 1000 Dances 2:40 (Ike & Tina Turner)

Comment: Hey, these guys are great. And guess what? The same unbelievable raw soundboard reworking. The classic Chicago Bluesman and Tina Turner, what an entertainer!

DVD: "Bonus DVD" (DVSS-1114080A 1
1) Introduction
Prodigal Son - Same video as the Maysles brothers "Gimme Shelter" bonus tracks. Madison Square Garden, New York City, November 27, 1969
3.)You Gotta Move MSG, November 27, 1969
4) Photo Shoot - Ya-Ya's Cover Outtakes
5) Keith In Studio plays
6) Under My Thumb - Madison Square Garden, New York City, November 28, 1969, 1st Show
7) I'm Free (Medley) - Madison Square Garden, New York City, November 28, 1969, 1st Show
8) Satisfaction - Madison Square Garden, New York City, November 27, 1969
/Figuring out how to fly to Altamont from the San Francisco Bay, includes Ian Stewart and Mick chatting. Bay Bridge in view in the background - Credits.

LP1: (024111A/B) "Ya-Ya's"

Side 1: Jumpin' Jack Flash/Carol/Stray Cat Blues/Love In Vain/Midnight Rambler
Side 2: Sympathy For The Devil/Live With Me/Little Queenie/Honky Tonk Women/Street Fighting Man

LP 2: (024113 A) "Unreleased Tracks"

Side 1: Prodigal Son/You Gotta Move/Under My Thumb - I'm Free (Medley)/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Side 2: No music, nice laser looking artwork though.

Comment: Nice heavy black vinyl, maybe 180 grams. The set also comes with a nice picture book with shots and excerpts from Ethan Russell's work also recently released in a book titled "Let It Bleed". 90% of the photos pictured have been seen before or in the aforementioned book. Also included is a reproduction of the 1969 tour book cover by David Edward Byrd. Byrd describes the poster: "It was based on one of Muybridge’s “Figures in Motion” against an Islamic motif. The box at the bottom was for the venue overprint".

"Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - 40th Anniversary Japan SHM Box Set"


Comment: Comes with mini-hardback book

"Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - 40th Anniversary Mini Box Set"

"Shine A Light"


Beacon Theatre, New York, October 29 & November 1, 2006

CD 1: Jumpin' Jack Flash/Shattered/She Was Hot/All Down the Line/Loving Cup (feat. Jack White III)/As Tears Go By/Some Girls/ Just My Imagination/Faraway Eyes/Champagne & Reefer (feat. Buddy Guy)/Tumbling Dice/Band Introductions/You Got the Silver/Connection

CD 2: Sympathy for the Devil/Live With Me (feat. Christina Aguilera)/Start Me Up/Brown Sugar/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Bonus Tracks Deluxe Edition: Paint it Black/Little T&A/I'm Free/Shine A Light

Comment: Release date is April 1st. Soundtrack to director Martin Scorsese's concert film of The Rolling Stones' performances. Well, I just gotta say it: You've got Scorsese's attention and you make a another concert movie. Man, I'll tell you, this was the guy to do the definitive history of the band from start to present. I'm talking epic proportions here. Marty knows the Blues and Rhythm & Blues. He is one of the few who could of properly addressed the roots and evolution of this sensational music and musical history. This is seriously disappointing in my humble opinion.

"You Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix)"

(Digital Media)

ABKCO/Apple iTunes US 2008

You Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix) 6:07

Comment: As Featured In the Columbia Pictures Motion Picture "21". Soulwax are Belgian alt-rock mixmasters, brothers David and Stephen Dewaele.

"Christmas Single - Keith Richards"

(Digital Media)

Mindless Releases/Apple iTunes US 2007

Run Rudolph Run 3:15/Pressure Drop 3:25 (With Toots and the Maytals)

"The First Barbarians - Ron Wood"

Wooden Records 2007

CD: Intro 2:15/Am I Grooving You 5:02/Cancel Everything 4:48/Mystifies Me 5:03/Take A Look At The Guy 5:36/Act Together 5:54/Shirley 7:42/Forever 4:27/Sure The One You Need 3:46/I Can't Stand The Rain 3:36/Crotch Music 6:34/I Can Feel The Fire 6:57

DVD: Intro /Am I Grooving You /Cancel Everything /If You Gotta Make A Fool Out Of Somebody /Mystifies Me /Take A Look At The Guy /Act Together /Shirley /Forever /Sure The One You Need /Crotch Music /I Can Feel The Fire

Comment: Note the added video track If You Gotta Make A Fool Out Of Somebody.

The original unauthorized release and track list.

Am I Grooving You 7:17/Cancel Everything 4:49/Mystifies Me 5:02/Take A Look At The Guy 5:36/Act Together 5:54/Shirley 7:49/Forever 4:27/Sure The One You Need 3:48/I Can't Stand The Rain 3:38/Crotch Music 6:36/I Can Feel The Fire 6:57

"1 2 3 4"

Sony Music Entertainment/CBS Japan

1234 3:29/Fountain Of Love 5:11/Outlaws 4:02/Redeyes 3:33/Wind Howlin' Through 3:04/Priceless 4:21/She Was Out There 5:15/Down To The Ground 3:37/She Never Told Me 5:51

Comment: A recent easier to find Japan CD version of Ronnie's 1981 solo LP release. Nice cardboard jacket with original LP sleeve artwork.

"The Definitive Rock Collection: Faces - Ron Wood"

Warner Brothers/Rhino Records 2007

CD 1: Wicked Messenger 4:08/Shake, Shudder 3:16/Around The Plynth 5:55/Flying 4:20/Pineapple And The Monkey 4:27/Three Button Hand Me Down 5:45/Bad 'n' Ruin 5:26/Sweet Lady Mary 5:52/Had Me A Real Good Time 5:55/(I Know) I'm Losing You 5:25/Maybe I'm Amazed 3:39/Miss Judy's Farm 3:41/You're So Rude 3:44/Love Lives Here 3:07/Last Orders Please 2:36

CD 2: Stay With Me 4:42/Debris 4:37/Memphis, Tennessee 5:28/Too Bad 3:15/Silicone Grown 3:08/Cindy Incidentally 2:40/My Fault 3:09/Glad And Sorry 3:07/Borstal Boys 2:55/Just Another Honky 3:34/Ooh La La 3:32/Jodie 3:13/Pool Hall Richard 4:27/You Can Make Me Dance, Sing, or Anything 4:33/Open To Ideas 3:59

Comment: Why isn't this getting more attention? Great track selections and rarities here.

"Hard Up Heroes VI"

Timeless (TML-006)

The Factory
Up Side Down 2:40/Little Girl 2:31/Lantern Light 2:49/Path Through The Forest 3:58/Gone 3:02/Mr. Lacey 2:44/Try A Little Sunshine 3:35/Red Chalk Hill 3:19/Second Generation Woman 2:58/Path Through The Forest (Original Version) 4:29

The Birds
You're On My Mind 2:36/You Don't Love Me 2:03/No Good Without You 2:38/How Can It Be 2:56/Leavin' Here 2:41/Next In Line 2:44/Say Those Magic Words 3:16/Daddy, Daddy 4:06/The Doll Said No 3:25

Ruperts People
Reflections Of Charles Brown 4:07/Hold On 3:28/Love Opus #93 2:43/I Can Show You 2:40/Dream On My Mind 3:19/I've Got The Love 3:00

Comment: Note the mis-spellling of the group's name on the CD cover.

"Rolled Gold + (Plus)"


Jakebox Edition

"Rolled Gold + (Plus)"


CD 1: Come On 1:50/I Wanna Be Your Man 1:44/Not Fade Away 1:48/Carol 2:34/Tell Me 3:49/It's All Over Now (Stereo) 3:27/Little Red Rooster 3:07/Heart Of Stone (Stereo) 2:50/Time Is On My Side (Guitar-Stereo) 2:59/The Last Time 3:42/Play With Fire (Mono) 2:14/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:44/Get Off Of My Cloud (Mono) 2:55/I'm Free 2:24/As Tears Go By 2:46/Lady Jane 3:09/Paint It Black 3:24/Mother's Little Helper (Mono) 2:47/19th Nervous Breakdown (Mono) 3:59/Under My Thumb 3:43/Out Of Time (Long Version) 5:37/Yesterday's Papers 2:04/Let's Spend The Night Together 3:37/Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow? 2:34

CD 2: Ruby Tuesday 3:16/Dandelion 3:32/She's A Rainbow 4:14/We Love You (Stereo) 4:24/2000 Light Years From Home 4:46/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:43/Street Fighting Man 3:16/Sympathy For The Devil 6:19/No Expectations 3:56/Let It Bleed 5:28/Midnight Rambler 6:54/Gimme Shelter 4:33/You Can't Always Get What You Want (Choir Intro) 7:28/Brown Sugar 3:50/Honky Tonk Women (Stereo) 3:01/Wild Horses 5:42

Comment: The track listing has been added to and rearranged as compared to the original LP release of the title (see below).

The original Decca Release of this title

The original November 1975 Release "Rolled Gold" LP Song List:

Side 1: Come On 1:52/I Wanna Be Your Man 1:43/Not Fade Away 1:49/Carol 2:39/It's All Over Now 3:27/Little Red Rooster 3:04/Time Is On My Side 2:59/The Last Time 3:40/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:46

Side 2: Get Off Of My Cloud 2:55/9th Nervous Breakdown 3:58/As Tears Go By 2:43/Under My Thumb 3:42/Lady Jane 3:08/Out Of Time 3:22/Paint It Black 3:46

Side 3: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadows? 2:35/Let's Spend The Night Together 3:26/Ruby Tuesday 3:13/Yesterday's Papers 2:04/We Love You 4:35/She's A Rainbow 4:10/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:41

Side 4: Honky Tonk Women 3:01/Sympathy For The Devil 6:25/Street Fighting Man 3:16/Midnight Rambler 6:58/Gimme Shelter 4:36

Comment: The LP was of interest at the time because of true stereo track sources such as It's All Over Now. This LP was also issued as an unauthorized 2 CD with unreleased songs as bonus tracks to take advantage of the extended time in the CD medium.

"Jagger's Best Solo Work - Chris M.'s 17 Picks"

(1:18:41) Charmed Life (Ashley Beedle 12" Mix) 6:20/Blue 5:37/Wandering Spirit 4:20 (Live At Webster Hall 1993)/Don't Tear Me Up 4:13 (Live At Webster Hall 1993)/Checkin' Up On My Baby [Previously Unreleased] 3:22/40 Days, 40 Nights (From the "Lost Blues Album") 2:45/Goin' Away Baby 4:53 (The Jimmy Rogers All Stars Feat. Mick Jagger & Keith Richards)/Just Another Night 5:16/Mother Of A Man 6:06 (Live At Webster Hall 1993)/Old Habits Die Hard 4:29/Lucky In Love 6:14/Secrets 5:02/Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup) [Previously Unreleased] 4:04/Sweet Thing (Ext. Remix) 5:49/What Kind Of World Is This? [Unreleased Live] 4:11 (1988 Mick Jagger And The Brothers Of Sodom)/Wild Colonial Boy 3:26 (1988 Mick Jagger Solo Tour Australia)/Memo From Turner 4:08

Comment: Would I preempt Jagger's own song list of "Very Best of" with my own? Well, of course. These are the best. I play this all the time. No singles required. Let's Work, no way. No tracks from "Primitive Cool" or "Goddess In The Doorway". Blue is a great non-album track, perfect for something like this. Webster Hall tracks are perfectly performed and entice buyers who already bought Jagger's Very Best, which was titled "Wandering Spirit" released in 1993. Every track is a winner on that one too.

"The Very Best of Mick Jagger - Radio Special"


Rhino Records, 2007

Segment 01: Dancing In The Street/Joy/Walk And Don't Look Back 14:47
Segment 02: Memo From Turner/Old Habits Die Hard 8:57
Segment 03: Charmed Life/Too Many Cooks/Checkin' Up On My Baby/Evening Gown 15:39
Segment 04: Just Another Night/God Gave My Everything 8:37

Comment: Hosted by Gary Moore and conversation with Mick Jagger. Excerpts from the DVD edition.

"Charmed Life - Remixes EP"

(Digital Media)

Apple iTunes, 2007

Charmed Life (Solitaire Club Mix) 8:27/Charmed Life (Solitaire Groove Mix) 5:18/Charmed Life (Ford Club Mix) 6:32/Charmed Life (Koishi & Hush Radio Edit) 4:02

"The Very Best of Mick Jagger - Selections From..."


Rhino Records/Atlantic Promotional

Too Many Cooks 4:08/Checkin' Up On My Baby 3:26/Charmed Life 3:36

"The Very Best of Mick Jagger"

Rhino Records/Atlantic

God Gave Me Everything 3:32/Put Me In The Trash 3:34/Just Another Night 5:16/Don't Tear Me Up 4:13/Charmed Life (Previously Unreleased) 3:36/Sweet Thing 4:19/Old Habits Die Hard 4:24/Dancing In The Streets 3:19/Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup) (Previously Unreleased) 4:04/Memo From Turner 4:03/Lucky In Love 5:03/Let's Work 4:44/Joy 4:40/Don't Call Me Up 5:13/Checkin' Up On My Baby (Previously Unreleased) 3:22/(You Got To Walk And) Don't Look Back 5:17/Evening Gown 3:33

"The Very Best of Mick Jagger - Bonus Track Version"

(Digital Media)

Apple iTunes

Add to the Above Song List: Charmed Life (Ashley Beedle 12" Mix) 6:20/Charmed Life (Ashley Beedle 12" Dub) 5:24/Everybody Knows About My Good Thing 4:37/Say You Will (Instrumental Remix) 5:33/Lucky In Love (Single Mix) 4:53/Sweet Thing (Funky Guitar Edit) 4:22/2007 Interview 35:46

"The Very Best of Mick Jagger - Limited Edition DVD"

(CD: 3 R2 74640-2 01)

(DVD: 328636.1.A)

Rhino Records/Atlantic

CD: God Gave Me Everything 3:32/Put Me In The Trash 3:34/Just Another Night 5:16/Don't Tear Me Up 4:13/Charmed Life (Previously Unreleased) 3:36/Sweet Thing 4:19/Old Habits Die Hard 4:24 (From the "Alfie" movie soundtrack)/Dancing In The Streets 3:19/Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup) (Previously Unreleased w/A sloppily overdubbed Sax. Solo not heard on the b00tleg versions) 4:04/Memo From Turner 4:03/Lucky In Love 5:03/Let's Work 4:44/Joy 4:40/Don't Call Me Up 5:13/Checkin' Up On My Baby (Previously Unreleased w/The Red Devils) 3:22/(You Got To Walk And) Don't Look Back 5:17/Evening Gown 3:33

DVD: A really interesting 2007 interview w/Mick Jagger on the material contained in the compilation/God Gave Me Everything*/Just Another Night*/Sweet Thing*/Let's Work*/Lucky In Love*/Don't Tear Me Up*/Dancing In The Streets (w/David Bowie)*/Joy (w/Bono from the "Being Mick" DVD)/(You Got To Walk And) Don't Look Back (Saturday Night Live, 1978)
* Music Video

"Charmed Life"

Rhino Records/Atlantic Promotional, 2007

Charmed Life-Ashley Beedle 12" Mix 6:24/Charmed Life-Ashley Beedle Dub Mix 5:28/Charmed Life-Koishi & Hush Remix 7:47/Charmed Life-Solitare Club Mix 8:29/Charmed Life-Solitare Groove Mix 5:20/Charmed Life-Solitare Club Instrumental 8:28/Charmed Life-Ford Club Mix 6:34/Charmed Life-Ford Miami Bass Mix 6:33/Charmed Life-Ford Dub Mix 6:18/Charmed Life-Desouza Extended Mix 5:59

"Live Licks - Shanghai, China Edition"

EMI/Virgin 2004

CD 1: Brown Sugar 3:50/Street Fighting Man 3:43/You Can't Always Get What You Want 6:46/Start Me Up 4:02/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 4:54/Angie 3:29/Honky Tonk Women 3:24/Happy 3:38/Gimme Shelter 6:50/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 4:55

CD 2: Neighbors 3:41/Monkey Man 3:41/Rocks Off 3:42/Can't You Hear Me Knocking 10:02/That's How Strong My Love Is 4:45/The Nearness of You 4:34/Beast of Burden 4:09/When the Whip Comes Down 4:28/Rock Me, Baby 3:50/You Don't Have to Mean It 4:35/Worried About You 6:01/Everybody Needs Somebody to Love 6:35

Comment: Note the additional amount of clothing added to the young lady's outfit. Comes with lyric booklets in both English and Chinese.

"Forty Licks - Shenzhen, China Edition"


Arista HDCD/DSD 2002

CD 1: Start Me Up 3:35/Beast Of Burden 3:30/Happy 3:07/Angie 4:34/Fool To Cry 4:10/Love is Strong 3:50/Mixed Emotions 4:03/Key To Your Love 4:14/Stealing My Heart 3:44/Tumbling Dice 3:49/Undercover 4:15/Losing My Touch 5:08/Gimme Shelter 4:35/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:45/Under My Thumb 3:44/Wild Horses 5:47/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 4:12/It's All Over Now 3:28

CD 2: It's All Over Now 3:35/Not Fade Away 1:55/Happy 3:16/Angie 4:42/Get Off My Cloud 3:04/Satisfaction 3:52/Under My Thumb 3:51/Gimme Shelter 4:40/Miss You 3:46/Love Is Strong 3:58/Undercover 4:22/Losing My Touch 5:10/Fool To Cry 4:15/Start Me Up 3:42/Anybody Seen My Baby 4:18/Keys To Your Love 4:21/Shattered 3:58/Emotional Rescue 3:50

Comment: Check out some the spellings of the track titles. Found at one of those little hole in the wall shops where you also get DVD's of movies that are only viewed in theaters in the States.

"Monkey Grip - Expanded Edition"

Castle Music/Sanctuary Records Group 2006

I Wanna Get Me A Gun 4:58/Crazy Woman 2:43/Pussy 2:12/Mighty Fine Time 3:38/Monkey Grip Glue 4:55/What A Blow 5:24/White Lightnin' 2:44/I'll Pull You Thru' 4:25/It's A Wonder 5:30
Bonus: Wine & Wimmen (Instrumental) 3:42/It's Just A Matter Of Time 3:04/If You Got The Feelin' (Instrumental) 3:39/Five Card Stud (Instrumental) 3:48/Monkey Grip Glue (Single Edit) 3:18/What A Blow (Single Edit) 3:46/White Lightnin' (Single Mix) 2:44/Pussy (Single Mix) 2:12

Comment: Bill Wyman's early solo work reissued with bonus tracks.

"Stone Alone - Expanded Edition"

Castle Music/Sanctuary Records Group 2006

A Quarter To Three 2:51/Gimme Just One Chance 2:49/Soul Satisfying 2:39/Apache Woman 3:32/Every Sixty Seconds 4:11/Get It On 3:35/Feet 3:59/Peanut Butter Time 3:50/Wine And Wimmen 3:22/If You Wanna Be Happy 2:47/What's The Point 2:31/No More Foolin' 3:33
Bonus: High Flying Bird 2:52/Back To School Again 2:43/Can't Put Your Picture Down 3:09/Love Is Such A Wonderful Thing 4:22/A Quarter To Three (Single Mix) 2:59/Apache Woman (Single Mix) 3:02

Comment: Don't spend your money on it.

"Bill Wyman - Expanded Edition"

Castle Music/Sanctuary Records Group 2006

Ride On Baby 3:53/A New Fashion 4:09/Nuclear Reactions 3:38/Visions 4:14/Jump Up 3:58 Bill Wyman Bill Wyman Pop 2006
Come Back Suzanne 3:24/Rio De Janeiro 4:15/Girls 2:45/Seventeen 3:43/(Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star 6:00
Bonus: Rio De Janeiro (Single Edit) 3:47/Come Back Suzanne (Single Edit) 2:53/Visions (Single Edit) 2:58/(Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star (Single Edit) 3:21

"Stuff - Expanded Edition"

Castle Music/Sanctuary Records Group 2006

If I Was A Doo Doo Doo 4:17/Like A Knife 3:33/Stuff 3:25/Leave Your Hat On 3:38/This Strange Effect 3:37/Mama Rap 5:04/She Danced 4:42/Fear Of Flying 4:03/Affected By The Towns 3:31/Blue Murder (Lies) 3:22
Bonus: Stuff (12" Single Mix) 5:55/Blue Murder (Lies: 12" Single Mix) 6:41
Promo Video: Stuff (Can't Get Enough)

Comment: This was previously only available as a Japanese release.

"struttin' our stuff"

inakustik Germany 2004

Let The Good Times Roll 3:49/Walking One And Only 4:01/Jitterbug Boogie 3:38/Groovin' 4:18/Melody 4:59/Jump Jive And Wail 4:12/Lead Me To The Water 5:40/I Put A Spell On You 5:31/Anyway The Wind Blows 8:53/Baby Workout 3:34/Mystery Train 7:09/Hello Little Boy 3:51/Tear It Up 5:34

Comment: SACD edition.

"Bossa n' Stones • 2"

Martini Record Label 2006

As Tears Go By (Luxury Strings Mix) 3:15 - Sao Vincente/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:20 - Amazonics/Beast Of Burden 4:43 - Urban Love & Aneka/Emotional Rescue (2 Many Beats Remix) 3:25 - Freedom Dub/Tumbling Dice 3:44 - Scuba/Mixed Emotions 4:11 - Michelle Simonal /Honky Tonk Women (Three Knocks Mix) 3:08 - Groove Da Praia/Paint It, Black 4:08 - Sixth Finger/She's So Cold (Ipanema@7" Mix) 4:15 - Glambeats Corp/It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It) 4:16 - Banda Do Sux/I'm Free (Wizard Edit) 2:32 - Corcovado Frequency Feat. Uschi/You Can't Always Get What You Want 4:12 - Ituana

Comments: A second edition! Well, I wouldn't play any of this at my garden party. Breathy lyrics all over the place.

"Satisfaction: Covers & Cookies of The Stones"

Harmless Records 2005

CD 1L: Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:37 - Ananda Shankar/Satisfaction 5:37 - Assemblage/Let's Spend The Night Together 3:18 - Muddy Waters/Gimme Shelter 3:33 - Merry Clayton/Honky Tonk Woman 3:19 - The Meters/I'm Free 2:56 - Wilmer & The Dukes/You Can't Always Get What You Want 5:45 - Maxayn/Paint It Black 7:36 - Africa/This May Be The Last Time 2:06 - The Staple Singers/Under My Thumb 3:11 - Wayne Gibson/Bitch 8:35 - Herbie Mann/Play With Fire 7:33 - Ruth Copeland/Ruby Tuesday 4:30 - Rotary Connection/No Expectations 3:25 - Odetta/As Tears Go By 3:05 - P.P. Arnold

CD 2 (4 Hero Mix - Remixes): Satisfaction 5:35 - Assemblage/Gimme Shelter 3:18 - Merry Clayton/Paint It Black 7:25 - Africa/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:29 - Ananda Shankar/Bitch 8:27 - Herbie Mann/You Can't Always Get What You Want 5:09 - Maxayn/I'm Free 2:48 - Wilmer & The Dukes/Under My Thumb 3:07 - Wayne Gibson/Let's Spend The Night Together 3:04 - Muddy Waters/Play With Fire 7:21 - Ruth Copeland/No Expectations 3:19 - Odetta/Ruby Tuesday 4:17 Rotary Connection/As Tears Go By 2:57 - P.P. Arnold/Honky Tonk Woman 3:13 - The Meters

Comment: Is the remix disc really necessary? Some big name covers on this one. Muddy, Meters, and original Gimme Shelter back-up vocalist Merry Clayton.

"Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: At World's End - DVD"

Walt Disney Home Entertainment

Comment: Featuring Keith Richards in a cameo as Captain Teague Sparrow (Captain Jack's Dad)!

"The Biggest Bang - DVD"

RST Concerts Inc./Redline Entertainment 2007

Zilker Park, Austin, Texas, October 26, 2006

DVD 1: Opening/You Got Me Rocking/Let's Spend The Night Together/She's So Cold/Oh No, Not You Again/Sway/Bob Willis Is Still The King/Streets Of Love/Ain't Too Proud To Beg/Tumbling Dice/Learning The Game/Little T&A/Under My Thumb/Get Off My Cloud/Honky Tonk Women/Sympathy For The Devil/Jumpin' Jack Flash/Satisfaction/Brown Sugar
Bonus Feature: Austin Mini-Documentary/I Can't Be Satisfied (Milan, Italy, July 11, 2006)

Copocabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 18, 2006

DVD 2: Opening/Jumpin' Jack Flash/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll/You Got Me Rocking/Wild Horses/Rain Fall Down/Midnight Rambler/Night Time Is The Right Time/Happy/Miss You/Rough Justice/Get Off My Cloud/Honky Tonk Women/Start Me Up/Brown Sugar/You Can't Always Get What You Want/Satisfaction
Bonus Feature: Rio de Janeiro Documentary

DVD 3: Opening/Let's Spend The Night Together (Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan, April 2, 2006)/Rain Fall Down (Sapporo, Japan, March 29, 2006)/Rough Justice (Tokyo Dome, March 22, 2006)/Cherry Blossoms/Opening/Bitch/Midnight Rambler/Gimme Shelter/This Place Is Empty/That's What I Do/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll/China, A Slow Process (Shanghai Grand Stage Theater, Shanghai, China, April 8, 2006)/Opening/Worried About You/Football Chant/Happy/Miss You/Ronnie And Audience/Paint It Black/Satisfaction (River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 21, 2006)
Featurettes: Bonnie Raitt - Shine A Light/Eddie Vedder - Wild Horses/Laugh, I Nearly Died/Dave Matthews - Let It Bleed
Duets: Shine A Light (w/Bonnie Raitt)/Wild Horses (w/Eddie Vedder)/Let It Bleed (w/Dave Matthews)/Wild Horses (w/Cui Jian)

Salt Of The Earth: A Bigger Bang Tour Documentary

DVD 4: How Did It Begin?/North American Tour/Super Bowl/Back Of My Hand/Rio/China/Milan/Buenos Aires/Midnight Rambler/Lost Show
Bonus Songs: Get Up, Stand Up/Mr. Pitiful
Bonus Features: If It Ain't Got That Swing (Charlie Watts)/Hurricane (Keith Richards)/Outlets Of Emotion (Ron Wood)/Busking (Mick Jagger)

"Performance - DVD Video"

Warner 2007 Release

"I'm Free Remixes - EP"

(Digital Media)

Apple iTunes US

I'm Free 2:24 (The Rolling Stones)/I'm Free (Fatboy Slim Remix) 3:58/I'm Free (Hot Chip Remix) 3:03/I'm Free (Moby Remix) 3:43/I'm Free (The Postal Service Remix) 2:27

Comment: Well, the Beatles beat the Stones to the punch again with George Martin's complete CD worth of reworked material on "Love". These tracks are like the Sympathy For The Devil remixes except distributed through Apple iTunes. Not a bad idea. For me, it's interesting to hear how younger artist interpret and "update" the music. This includes the Chase TV commercial version. And of course, there is a great updated version of this song by Stones on the "Stripped" release from 1995.

"Ron Wood Anthology: The Essential Crossexion"


Virgin Records America, Inc.

CD 1 (Solo): I Can Feel The Fire 4:55/Cancel Everything 4:39/Far East Man 4:40/Big Bayou 2:41/If You Don't Want My Love 4:15/1234 3:28/Fountain Of Love 5:11/Seven Days (Live from Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary, MSG, NY, October 16, 1992) 5:25/Always Wanted More 5:36/Breathe On Me 5:40/Somebody Else Might 4:53/Josephine 5:29/Testify (From "Slide On Live") 5:31/Whadd'ya Think 3:01 (Jesse & Ron Wood) /This Little Heart (Leah & Ron Wood) 3:41/Little Mixed Up (Also recorded by the Stones at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas, May-June, 1983) 3:01/You Strum And I'll Sing (With Rod Stewart) 3:21

CD 2 (Groups): You're On My Mind 2:49 (The Birds)/You Don't Love Me 2:06 (The Birds)/No Good Without You Baby 2:39 (The Birds)/How Can It Be 2:59 (The Birds)/Midway Down 2:46 (The Creation)/The Girls Are Naked 1:58 (The Creation)/I Ain't Superstitious 4:55 (Jeff Beck Group)/All Shook Up 4:52 (Jeff Beck Group)/Plynth (Water Down The Drain) 3:06 (Jeff Beck Group)/Jailhouse Rock 3:16 (Jeff Beck Group)/Flying 4:17 (The Faces)/Gasoline Alley 4:06 (Rod Stewart)/Miss Judy's Farm 3:40 (The Faces)/Too Bad 3:13 (The Faces)/Maggie May 5:48 (Rod Stewart)/Stay With Me 4:40 (The Faces)/Every Picture Tells A Story 5:59 (Rod Stewart)/Ooh La La 3:30 (The Faces)/Every Thing Is Turning To Gold 4:08 (The Rolling Stones)/Black Limosine 3:33 (The Rolling Stones)

Comment: These look to be Ron's personal picks with interesting notes regarding the music. Little Mixed Up is the sensation on this compilation. A song previously recorded, but not released by Rolling Stones in 1983. Ron obviously penned the song. His liner notes say the song was inspired by Betty James. Check my analysis of the Stones version on this web site at:

Would I second guess such a compilation with my own list of songs? Of course, this is "Best Of" though, and not a career "Anthology":

CD 1 - 1:18:24 (Solo): I Can Feel The Fire (I've Got My Own Album To Do) 4:55/I Can't Stand The Rain (Now Look) 3:12/You Really Got A Hold On Me (Slide On Live Bonus Track) 4:05/Somebody Else Might (Slide On This) 4:53/Must Be Love (Slide On This) 4:12/Fear For Your Future (Slide On This) 4:03/Josephine (Slide On This) 5:29/Little Mixed Up (Anthology) 3:01/Breathe On Me (from "Every Picture Tells A Story" Book CD) 6:37/Testify (From Slide On Live) 5:31/Always Wanted More (Electric Ladyland, NY, November 2, 1992) 5:42/Pretty Beat Up (Ron Vocal - Electric Ladyland, NY, November 2, 1992) 4:44/Black Limousine (Ron Vocal - Electric Ladyland, NY, November 2, 1992) 5:13/Show Me (Live) 3:48/They Don't Make Outlaws Like They Used To (Bo Diddley: Live At The Ritz, 1988) 4:12/So High (with Bobby Womack from "Every Picture Tells A Story" Book CD) 3:45/Mystifies Me (Live At Kilburn Theater, London, July 14, 1974) 5:02

CD 2 - 1:19:55 (With Rod Stewart & The Faces): Around The Plynth 5:58 (First Step)/Gasoline Alley 4:05 (Gasoline Alley)/Every Picture Tells A Story 6:02 (Every Picture Tells A Story)/Maggie May 5:50 (Every Picture Tells A Story)/Mandolin Wind 5:35 (Every Picture Tells A Story)/Stay With Me 4:39 (A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse)/Miss Judy's Farm 3:39 (A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse)/True Blue 3:35 (Never A Dull Moment)/Lost Paraguayos 3:59 (Never A Dull Moment)/Italian Girls 4:57 (Never A Dull Moment)/You Wear It Well 4:26 (Never A Dull Moment)/I'd Rather Go Blind 6:04 (Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners)/Silicone Grown 3:06 (Ooh La La)/My Fault 3:07 (Ooh La La)/Borstal Boys 2:55 (Ooh La La)/Ooh La La 3:30 (Ooh La La)/Jealous Guy 4:44 (Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners)/Sweet Little Rock 'n Roller 3:44 (Smiler)

Comment: Ron, how could you leave off So High? Would'a been a cool rarity to include.

"New Barbarians - Live In Maryland - Buried Alive"


Wooden Records

Capital Center Arena, Largo, Maryland, May 5, 1979

The New Barbarians are: Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Stanley Clarke, Ian McLagan, Bobby Keys, & Ziggy Modeliste.

CD 1: Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller 4:20/Buried Alive 6:27/F. U. C. Her 4:48/Mystifies Me 5:37/Infekshun 4:56/Rock Me, Baby (Live) 6:04/Sure the One You Need 4:49/Lost & Lonely 4:29/Love in Vain 8:38/Breathe on Me 10:23

CD 2: Let’s Go Steady 3:25/Apartment No. 9 4:13/Honky Tonk Women 5:50/Worried Life Blues 4:07/I Can Feel the Fire 6:44/Come to Realize 5:11/Am I Grooving You? 9:39/Seven Days 6:03/Before They Make Me Run 3:23/Jumpin’ Jack Flash 7:38

Comment: To say that this now official release was widely b*otlegged is a huge understatement. The liner notes make specific mention of the Vinyl Gang Product release of this show! None the less a very coherent performance from a band who on many other nights of this tour was out on the fringe.

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