Battle: The Beatles Versus The Rolling Stones

Some basic comparisons and examples of influence during the years of friendly competition.

Same Songs Sung:

I Wanna Be Your Man vs. I Wanna Be Your Man

Roll Over Beethoven vs. Roll Over Beethoven

Money vs. Money


I Feel Fine vs. Mother's Little Helper

- Jagger hums the feedback intro and melody in "Charlie Is My Darling"

Songs With Whistling:

Two Of Us vs. Something Happened To Me Yesterday

The Mellotron (Paul McCartney vs. Brian Jones):

Strawberry Fields vs. We Love You


All You Need Is Love (Jagger present at the live filming/recording session) vs. We Love You


Hey Bulldog vs. Walking The Dog

Disturbing The Peace:

Rooftop Concert (3 Saville Row, January 3, 1969) vs. Brown Sugar on a Flat Bed Truck (5th Avenue, May 1, 1975)


Drive My Car vs. Who's Driving Your Plane

- Chuck Berry's I Want To Be Your Driver may have been the influence for both!

Glyn Johns:

Get Back/Let It Be (Twickenham Film Jams) vs. Let It Bleed

Billy Preston:

Get Back vs. Melody

Music Business Incorporated: Allen B. Klein Co.

Apple (an ABKCO Managed Company) vs. Decca (ABKCO)
Recommended to McCartney by Jagger. Both bands ultimately lost their 60's catalogues under his management (Associated TeleVision/Michael Jackson/Sony & ABKCO - Contract Settlement)

Music Movie Director: Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Let It Be Movie vs. Rock 'n' Roll Circus

Vocals In A Foreign Language (German vs. Italian):

Sie Liebt Dich & Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand vs. Con Le Mie Lacrime

Best Singles Not On (Original) Albums:

Revolution (Single Version) vs. Jumpin' Jack Flash

Lady Madonna vs. Honky Tonk Women


Love You To vs. Paint It Black

Psychedelic Albums:

"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" - 1967 vs. "Their Satanic Majesties Request" - 1967

White Albums:

The Beatles (White Album) - 1968 vs. Original Beggars Banquet - 1968

Definitive "Let It..." Albums:

Let It Be - 1969 vs. Let It Bleed - 1969


Dig A Pony vs. Wild Horses


Doctor Robert vs. Dear Doctor


George Martin vs. Andrew Loog Oldham

I think this is no contest. Martin was a genius in the studio. The approach was quite different in the studio with The Beatles lush string and horn arrangements which the Stones only dabbled in at the time. The Stones' main emphasis being in Blues/Rhythm and Blues with a distinct guitar sound which speaks a great deal to their musical differences in my opinion.

The "Hold Me Love Me" line:

Eight Days a Week (1964) vs. I'm Free (1966)

Song Writers:

Lennon/McCartney vs. Jagger/Richards

Girlfriends (era):

Cynthia Powell vs. Marianne Faithful

Cynthia Powell (Lennon), May 1965 / Marianne Faithfull, 1966

Jane Asher vs. Anita Pallenberg

Jane Asher in "Romeo & Juliet" / Pallenberg at the "Performance" Premier, 1970

Songs With The Names of Ladies:

Eleanor Rigby vs. Ruby Tuesday

Michelle vs. Lady Jane


I Want To Hold Your Hand vs. I Just Want To Make Love To You

Dylan's Biggest Impact:

John Lennon vs. Brian Jones

Songs With Multiple Parts Divided by Tempo Changes:

A Day In The Life vs. Midnight Rambler

Women Who Influenced The Music:

Yoko Ono vs. Anita "Stray Cat Blues" Pallenberg

"Severe" Ballads:

Yesterday vs. As Tears Go By


Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey vs. Monkey Man

Long Long...

Long, Long, Long vs. Long Long While

She Said...

She Said She Said vs. She Said Yeah


Girl vs. My Girl

Definitive Double Albums:

The Beatles (White Album) vs. Exile On Main St.

Inciting A Riot: It was thought that music could change the world!

Revolution vs. Street Fighting Man

Slow and Fast Single/LP Versions:

Revolution 2/(1) vs. (Country)/Honk-y Tonk Women

The best of anything will always be compared...

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